Monday, 14 August 2017

You are special

You are special to me,
Not because you are different ,
and your position is special in my dictum,
You smiles in my diction,
My wall brightens with your fiction,
my beats fluctuates with rotation,
All that is according to the situation
My pounds become heavy, when
I see myself crazy,
And your reflection peeps hazy,
In my dreams to make me crazy,
Crazy to see you ,
Interact with you,
Then all my special sentences crops up with fertility,
My alphabets flows in density,
my throbs become whimsical ,
My words pour out in decimal,
For you my special.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


I said to the red sky…
I am not tired of counting the waves of the sea,
I match my waves with the roaring numerous tides of it,
The evening sky then nodded its head,
And agreed with me,
Standing near the saline water,
I observed the waves
Coming to me ,
Touching me,
Enticing me,
Cuddling me,
When I start loving it ,enjoying its stroke,
Then the ebb abruptly departs,
I silently wait and watch its next motion,
Which then comes and dampens me ferociously,
Than the previous encounter,
The silken sand beneath my feet is,
Giving me an exhilarating feeling,
Slowing slipping from my grip to the vast sea,
The velvety touch is giving me bumps,
I wish now , the sensuous sensation to stay
little longer, as palpitation is pleasurable,
But ….
The waves don’t wait,
And it disappear to merge with the sea.

Saturday, 12 August 2017


You made me wait,
And I waited un-complainingly, 
For your thump ,
for your sight,
For your words ,
for your giggles,
You didn’t give me a chance to convey my words,
To express my million of thoughts,
Which I skillfully managed capture in one thread,
Yes ,I prepared a garland of verse ,only for you,
You came,
You spoke,
You vanished away,
Left me quiet,
Quiet with my thousand alphabets,
Secreted among my shy lips,
You cann’t imagine,
how hard is for me to gulp down every bits,
The implicit words and the interval of waiting,
Is aching…….with the time’s interval more throbbing,
Evil thought is crippling me from inside,
My concentration is lacking,
I have no option left except waiting for you patiently.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

I wonder for the feelings

I wonder for this feelings,
For the unexplained sizzling,
For the paradox ,that is singing inside me,
All my dead cell and neurons ,
those are sleeping in movement of torpor,
Are active and euphoric,
An ecstatic pleasure I draw from my surrounding,
All of a sudden, the world around me seems more beautiful,
And me the most beautiful creation of the earth,
My world smiling and blushing and so is my facial tone,
I started liking day and night,
Dreaming as a child,
with lots unexpected questions playing in my mind,
The fairyland I sketch in my fancy,
Is wonderful ………,
The vibration which running in me is delightful,
I am cheerful to see my world colorful,
At the present I dance in the rain,
When the dark cloud occupy its place,
I hum in wrench,
My ears have become more pining,
I could hear the leaves whistling,
Strange thing is happening,
To me ….
I search in dictionary ,what’s happening?
To me…
Am I maddening ?
But this ecstatic pleasure is killing.
I wish If I could get a word to explain me the meaning.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Your Entrance

You stupefied me with your amazing entrance,

Your guitar and your magical band,

All together and the bunch of rose in your hand,

The string of it sings of romance,

I couldn’t avoid my glance,

Loved your sunlight, 

Loved your rain,

Climbed the stairs of love ,without refrain,

Your brightness erased my strain.

Now I hum for the heavy rain,

My world changed to a new domain,

I laugh over and over again,

Your entrance titillate my veins,

your presence excites and ignite flames,

I wait not now for sunrise or sunset,

Rather fervently I wait for your arrival in my entrance gate,

My doors and windows are open, 

For you,and eyes fixed to the door bell.

My blinks now habituated to your tale,

I sleep finger-crossed,keeping thousand thoughts in my brain,

Thousand time I dream of you,

Thousand time I find you dashing,

More ravishing and captivating,

Even my weaving's lack to imprint your perfect figurine,

The current which runs in me for you is divine,

I love to live with this …….. in this lifetime.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

My World

My world..
I formed a lovely world inside me,
My eyes see you smiling inside it,
Every where I move ,from the frost to distant cliff,
I feel you with me,
I want you to know my where about,
I long to hear your voice from the clouds,
The cloud is well aware of my condition,
It knows how deeply I run with your emotion,
So I share my thoughts of you when I am lonely .
Can you guess dear?
If I don’t hear you ,
I am numb,
Your company keeps me alive daylong,
I patiently wait for you in the dusk and dawn,
To take my oxygen to breathe on,
You snatched my sleep ,
Hence I stay awake with your dreams,
Here we sail together to the far-flung firmament,
Ride the earth with enormous strength,
And walk around the globe with in second ,because,
You are the world with in my world.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Happy Rakhsya Bandhan

To my dear brother,
Today is the celebration of this special bond,
Which is unique and very strong,
I know the depth and you know this from your core,
During childhood we fight like soldiers,
Become warrior if an intruder interferes our barrier,
You always protect me through your shield cover,
I feel safe and call you for help as if you are my troubleshooter,
Now when we are grown up,
No more fight and less we see each other,
Still I expect you to be on my side,
I expect you to lean your shoulders when I cry,
The strength of silken thread is nothing but,
Realisation to one another ……..,
How much important you are to me,
I feel proud to be your sister,
You are my darling brother.

Two Words For You

My little heart caged you,
My two eyes search you,
My words smile with you,
My world is filled with fragrance of you.

I wrap you in my sentences,
I weave you in my verses,
I hide you in my deepest place,
I paint you in through my brushes,
I meet you in my dream hedges.

Together we share some pleasurable moments,
Got attracted to this sweet beverage,
The cup of addiction binds your image in my bosom,
Among the roses you caught my attention,
You reign in my heart ,mind  here blank,
The power of you made me fly,
I hear your voice in dense sky,
You filled my blank space with your adorable impression.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Writers are weird?

Writers belong to the weird zone,
They form their world of their own,
Live in dreams and wild imagination,
They don’t bother for the cup of affection,
Yes,they care for a little adoration to their creation,
Even in sleep ,they search words to present their expression,
They are soft,
they are tender,
they are fragile,
they are sentimental,
they are divine,
Emotions move them,
Incidents trigger them,
Then the words flow in them,
Hence the pen runs swiftly with out pain,
To release all that being stuffed inside their brain,
They are happy personal,
At the same time cry for every personal,
Feel pain for all that is emotional,
Their pen is their sword,
For them..
Pen is rescuer,
Pen is their respite,
With out pen they hardly survive,
They are gentle with words,
Because they know their words are their treasure,
It will keep them remembering for ever.
Please tell are they weird?

Friday, 4 August 2017

Pick Up My Call

Pick up the call ,my dear,
My beats and mind running in great speed,
My vision glued to the screen,
Shivering hands are pressing the buttons to hear your click,
But you are not picking up mine,
Thousands of thoughts crippling my brain,
The dominance of evil thoughts supremely reign,
First, I hate you for not attending the call,
Secondly I feel you ignoring my predictable call,
Thirdly I console my wounded heart,
Assuming you are busy ,so unable to hear my tap,

All my organs first act,
When the ring is not attended then react,
I apply balm to soothe my infuriated spark,
I never count the strings of watch,
Never look back to the tense past,
Except you,
Never accept soft glance,
To convince this to you is a herculean task,
O my stubborn dear!
You know me very well,
For God shake “pick up my heart”
Your sweet voice will cool down my lane.
My fingers are pressing the phone bell,
Pick up now ,for my sake……

Thursday, 3 August 2017


Cautiously I step to the kingdom of bright stars,
I am careful of my ignorance,
Regarding  the path,
Of the vast sky,
Aimlessly I move, aimlessly I run,
Carefully pick up some stars to make myself compatible,
In this huge horizon,
As the time advances,
I walk confidently, smile broadly ,blush profusely,
I dance freely  among the dark clouds,
My chopped wings renew with new feathers,
My smiling braces indicates
My pleasure in adapting this place among the choices few,
Strangely I struck near the pregnant cloud,
How and when?
Is  a mystery for me till now,
I  gather some water from its storehouse,
Want to quench my thirst and walkout,
But I forget my route,
Wander hither and thither ,
Find myself walking alone and sad among the bright stars,
The hazy vision of mine centre on a particular view,
It’s thought encourage me to pen few,
My ink dried when I lost this familiar road,
I sigh, I whimper, yet never stop,
Rather I decided to absorb its brightness in my canvas,
Every day I paint sketches remembering the golden hours,
With at most care and affection,
Dreaming one day I will see the pole star in my rear view,
One day the star will wink to my pages,
Will glance to my sketches,
Will see my deep patches,
Will erase the ugly scratches,
Expectantly I advance.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The hole

Today I discovered the hole,
The hole in my heart,
Which pinches , which burns,
Its punch is so painful ,I crawl,
I crawl among the green meadows,
Among the scented tuberose, floating lotus,
And lily buds.
Their entrapping fragrance couldn’t trap me,
Their bewitching beauty couldn’t hold my vision,
The hole inside my heart aches,
The lump in my throat hurts,
I silently bear the bouts,
Expectantly waiting for your healing touch,
The magical touch will transform me to a cheerful persona,
You didn’t come,
Hours I wait,
Counted each second ,
The tragedy is you didn’t come,
My hole aches as the time advances,
You know very well your tone will enhance me,
Your fragrance will enrage my fairy tales,
You and I will travel in the sky to catch the stars,
Uff! you didn’t come….
My hole is burden, and aches….

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Rain you came

Finally Rain you came,
After the torturous humid days,
You came,
Came with your thunderstorm,
Along with the flash of lightening,
Cool air and my goose bumps,
Your drizzle is soothing,
Your falling drops are compelling,
My eyes fixed to your dancing,
Your tip tap sound is alluring,
The cool air and rainfall is forcing me to drench in this surrounding,
You made my torrid earth pleasing,
Your water acted as greasing,
Because you know I love to see you falling,
So that my earth’s wound keep healing,
It’s parched mouth craves to taste your cooling,
Hence I am waiting for you
You came..
My joys knew nothing except seeing you and enjoying
From my window railings.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

It is because of you...

It is all because for you,
I prefer to listen to you,
Then share my words to you,
My lines which I frame through out the day,
To speak to you ,muted,
when I see you,
All because I want to hear you,
Each words that I rehearse while counting stars,
Remain choked ,all because,
I love seeing you and your sensuous lips dancing,
Honestly I don’t like your chatter,
Hence I don’t remember each word you utter,
But your presence is my prime matter,
So I never loose a chance to get closer,
You may call this madness,
Or may question why this craziness ,
Here I can say ,it is because of my devotion for you,
Oh!my words may seem silly,
Yet my verse sings your presence wholly,
You are connected to my heart and mind,
It is because of this, I knew you are mine.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Mobile Number

Your number!       
Yes your number,
I remember even in my slumber,
Every moment ,perhaps in every phone call,
I eagerly see ,whether it’s you,
Or some other person,
Your voice spirits up my face,
My gloomed earth radiates after you come to surface,
I can’t say…
How much close you are to me,
If I don’t  share my details to you,
My heavy bosom yells,
The  crack of my heels shrieks your name,
Like a zombie ,I perform my ordeals,
Every evening when birds fly to their nest,
Fading Sun waits for Moon to ascend its place,
My fingers automatically moves to press your bell,
From my contact list details,
As soon as  I hear your voice,
I imagine  you and your state,
 My core  beats faster with  your modulation of voice,
If  you speak in  concealed tone ,
My heart cries,
 your soothing words  lights my cage,
You and your words are my wine,
Unlike an addiction,
The more I talk ,the more I am fine,
The moment,  you didn’t pick up my number,
I sink in your dreams,
Earth  seems colourless,
I am breathless,
Dials   your number again and again,
With an expectation,
That you will understand my poor state.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

With Passage Of Time

I am silent…………….
I am silent,
Silent is my lips,
Mind speaks,
Heart cries,
Eyes weep,
Yet I am silent,
Silently I watch
Every drops of rain,
The silver drops and its magical out pour,
Which I long for,wait for,
I love rain,
Because in rain,
i see myself,
Dancing in its lullaby,
I love its sound,
Its voice makes me crazy,
So I wait for rainfall,
The ethereal drops and its curvaceous moves,
Makes me realize me in this crowd,
The rain came,
Unnoticed my pain,
Went away as soon as dark clouds vanish away,
Silently I see its movements.


I hear you from silence,
From your cool eyes,
From the cool zephyr ,which caresses my skin,
Probably the dormant volcano is active in our silence,
A lot of untold tales,some faith,
Some sweet memories attach to ourselves,
Yet we are silent,
No one spoke,neither me nor you,
Waiting for some sort of knock,
Waiting for some miracle to happen,
Enough ,yes its enough.
Now let it crumble to bricks,
Every brick that helped in building the bridge,
Is mocking at us,
I could hear their laughter,
Their giggles is making me feeling uneasy
The heap of misunderstanding is ruining our presence,
Both of us are suffering,
In our silence and detachment
How long this will linger,
Will not it end?
I feel amiss ,won’t you not feel the same?


Behind the dark shades of clouds,
Smiles the glowing Sun,
By Seeing it ,feeling it , experiencing it,
We will enjoy the hide and seek game,
Of our Almighty,
Our life boat will face many difficulty.
Our earth will bear many duality,
Our creation may turn shallow,
Our vision may some time seems hallow,
Its only then our faith will crush the mountain,
Our inner strength will lay road to fountain,
Our motivation will melt the iron pillar,
We can easily raise our collar,
If we realize our inner strength,
With in us………
Our determination to cross all the obstacles,
The cross ways will never lead to a debacle.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Hope you will come one day

Will you ever realize?
Standing on the edge is risky,
Breathing with less oxygen is difficult,
Screaming your name among the mute hills,
Where the echoes rebound on my ears is deadening,
Will you ever realize …
The rainbow looks faded to me,
Rain drops bears my oozes of heart,
My perennial flow of ink loses its letters,
Though everyone is crazy for fragrance of wet mud ,
I built the castle in it,
The castle of hope….., day you will light the candle of my home,
One day your pink color will add color to my floor,
I stand on hope ,dream bright, yet..
When I open my eyes,
Darkness engulfs me, I feel I am blind,
Nothing without you is doozy,
Nothing crazy……
As if I am living ,just for the sake of living,
With your memories, hopes and lot of dreams,
Hope you will come one day……..

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Rain is unique,
Unique than other season,
Poets and writers see it in a different vision,
for every man it’s definition changes,
According to their perception,
We love rain,
Yet,we curse rain,
It carries likes, bears dislikes
we pray for it ,if summer is lengthy,
But when the Rain started its sincere duty,
Our dry meadows become green,and,
Our river exceeds its width and length,
We curse the rain,
Oh! no more please…
Rain comes ,
Along with thunder ,light, and mesmerising rainbow,
Fills our dry mouth,
,Enhances colours of our landmass,
Wipes the dirt,
Excess rain water makes our live worse.
Oh!rain,we love you and hate you,
For your versatile role.

Can't return back

I can’t return back,
Not to the roots,
Where I started my part,
Not to my empire,
Not to my princely crown,
As you captured my dome,
Through your amazing artifact,
I can’t return back to my nest,
As your entry disrupted my mental health,
I see your images in my wall,
Time to time ,more alluring,
More attracting than the previous one,
I shiver with your thoughts,
My lips quiver to utter your name,
My eyes search you in rain,
Your steps I hear ,your voice I hear,
From each dark corner my room,
My beats say , you are with me,
But eyes scornfully deny,
Mind says ,to ignore you and return to myself,
Sitting on the cliff ,my heart screams,
I can't....return back......

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Walking in the wood

I am in the wood,walking,
Among the thicket of pine trees,
Breath pure oxygen,
My image in the crystal clear stream,
Looks mesmerising ,yes more bewitching,
Its all because of the Sun’s radiant beam.
Following in each of my footsteps in the jungle,
I experience some glorious moments here,
Some time rain and other time hot weather,
Every time I feel, something is holding me to you,
I see you in night ,in broad daylight,
Pleasing is your rhyme,
The melody queen cuckoo sings thine lines,
My journey seems fine,
Holding you and visualising you,
Among the shades of green branches,
Now when your map sketched another landmass,
Still also I feel something is holding me to you,
The bond is beyond any meaning,
My heart carries ,mind accepts,
Hence In the wood ,I feel not lonely.
You are in my allegory,
Weather fairy or sad story.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Humid Cloud

Humid cloud is angry with me,
May be little hurt,
Sounds little perturbed,
Dashed my arid floor with hail storm,...

The small pieces which fell on my floor,
I gathered it, with care,
I tried to hear the forgotten symphony,
Some long lost memory of previous rainfall,
The humid cloud released its pour,
Sweetly and very elegantly,
Dancing in its soft musical tone,
My chains started creaking,
Probably they are willing to break the barrier ,
Only to dance with the drops of pattering fall,,
I opened my window,
The splashes of water wet me,
Even though I am inside ,
I stand there looking the drops falling,
And the earth absorbing it ,
Slowly the humid cloud released its storage,
Then vanished in thin air.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Morning Time

Every Sun rise is a new day,
A new beginning with the shinning rays,
The birds sing ,buds bloom,
Butterfly jumps from one flower to another,
To suck the honey through its spoon,
I see children rush to their schools,
Busy mums standing in the bus row,
To say bye to their darlings for some hours,

Unlike the crowded school bus,
The bag maestro is contended for the prominence,
he is getting among the kids, and smiles with dominance,
Some people sipping hot beverage {tea} sharing their details,
Morning walkers look fresh after the jogging,
Late risers still sleeping ,
For them Sun settle in midst ,always bright,

Morning for house makers are a busy time,
Earning members set a routine to walk out in time,
Time runs fast
No one can catch it,

May he or she be of King class,
Nature is his master,
If morning runs smooth,
Night will automatically follow its route.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

One more day

Yes,one more day passed,
with out hearing you,
No messages from you,
Long became the hour,
Tortured I am,
For your sight,
I spend , walking in the terrace whole night,
I ignored the grin of the crystal moon,
I avoided the glittering spark of the stars,
My eyes were full of tears,
Mind and heart is filled with your memories,
Your words linger in my earlobes,
I form stories,I dream abstract,
The undaunted waves of my spirit,
Scroll to enliven the past,
The golden moments and your words ,
I cherish in my heart,
I link every images,
That brought us together,
And those are the cause of our part,
Yet in some hidden corner of myself,
I see a faint light ,
Waiting every day for you,
I laugh with my hidden tears,
I fly with my broken wings,
I jump with my bruises,
The cornea of my eye blinks,
Thousand times,displaying your image,
Often I console myself,
Divert myself,
But I flopped.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Missing You

While running on a the lanes of dark wood,
I search you among the shades of thick branches,
The dark cloud knows my state,
and laughs,
Tickles and drizzles with splendour,
Now my heart grows fonder ,
As you are not physically nearer,
I preserve your aroma in my chest,
Yes,its difficult but,
With this I feel best,
But when the moonlight knocks my nest,
I want you near ,sitting my next,
Desire to share with you all my blocked phase,
Because ,you are my only solace.
With you my evenings shine,
Morning to evening I wait for thine,
Get energy to climb mountain and weave rhyme,I smile and blush ,when are in my dreams,
Pampers me with your melodious voice,
In this fine moments,
I feel myself a super star like,
Some one special and your are my spine,
Now your absence is giving me pain,
Making me lonely in crowded lane.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I and You

I and you,
Were  the beautiful  mess,
Two lunatics exiled in a cage,
Our boundaries exceed much beyond our range,
We smile in dark,
Skip fast in light,
Fly high ,high ,higher  than limitless sky,
Our bond so unique ,
Unlike the full moon light and unlike the Sun bright,
We love to sail in the Moon,
Never bother about the craters,We often get  amazed with our rafters,
Morning comes and so the night,
We float in each other sky,
Mostly in dreams,
The music of our heart ,
Is only audible to us,
Every ragas is conscious of our depth,
May be we know each other from our crest,
Our nest  fills with our jingle,
Yes ,we twinkle bright in zest,
You and I,
Are the  two amazing mess .

My Way

Every dawn I lose myself in cross way,
Then search my destination in my way,
The ways puzzle me with variation of rays,
Some shiny ,others  dark,
here the Sun rays stopped leaving its mark,
My tired eyes couldn’t measure the spark,
Hence I walk round the circle,
Tracing my footpath,
At first I stumble ,then   I rise to remain stable,
Walk carefully ,thinking  my limps are not so able,
Any bruises will make me crumble,
With each step I gather courage to speak out with fumble,
Slowly and steadily my goal is notable,
I count my foot prints now ,
how to reach my way with out much jumble,
Before the dusk, covering  the earth through its buckle.