Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The day I first met you.

The day I first met you,
You looked so cool,
I became a fool,
My throbs became loud,
I was dumbfound,
To see my damsel standing close,
My hands tremble,
voice fumble,
Legs stagger,
Face became warm,
Heart chuckle,
A soft beep giggles,
Lips shudder,
To express the words,
That I am in love with you.

My cosmic star

What are you to me?
I find no words to your query,
Nor did my words match my emotions,
To any dictionary,
I simply stood blank ,watching the night’s glory,
The stars mockingly looked at me,
The moon too smiled and whispered ,
“if your words choke ,speech unable to collect the dialects,
Then follow the drumbeats of your beep,
Sketch her picture in a canvas and see how you sing”

When I drew the portrait ,
My  emotions quell  spontaneously on the paper sheet,
With out seeing the image ,the lines rolled as preface ,
I painted her portrait as my heart instructed,
My brush followed the lines which my mind directed,
My hands followed my feelings ,which I am unable to narrate,
I painted her with care,
with my devotion and flare,
Heart started singing,
you are my cosmic star.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Give me strength

I attempt a lot to hide my flecks,
I patched up myself to hide beneath the heavy cosmetic paste,
I concealed my tears beneath my false mirth,
I want me not to remain , inside the sympathetic grip,or,
Will not hear other’s compassionate tone, pitying me,
And the advises, to re- build my life, afresh.
Years, I followed the path that elder’s lay,
I stick to the ethics and principles of God’s say,
Neither I crossed my boundary,
Nor entered the periphery of tangled sway,
I am a simple lass with less expectation ,
More romantic dreams ,less longing for salvation,
Fate played the prank,
Very painfully I accepted all the nuance.
Only because I don’t want to present myself weak,
Timid and docile while facing ,fate’s new trick,
O my God! Give me power, strength and patience,
To overcome all the prickles that come in my way,
Make me confident enough to smile ,
Though I weep beneath the dark corner of my ribs.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Being in love

Being in love
Little plus little,
Slowly and gently,
The breeze of romance,
And its dependence has become an obsession,
Stealthy  and brilliantly the air immerse me ,
I am fascinated to the galaxy of mystical wonder,
A beautiful feeling of love and being in love,
The ecstatic pleasure is redefining me,
Beautifying me, hence I commited
the magnetic blunder,
I enjoy the moments of grandeur,
Heartily and excitingly,
My wandering soul  capitulates in front of this bond of conformity,`
Every day the intensity of it is widening,
And the depth is deepening,
Yes, it is very much pleasing and satisfying.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Two words

Two Words.

Two words of love,
Two words of appreciation,
Two words of encouragement,
Two words of inspiration,
Two words, demarcates  my vibration,
Two words moved me,
Two words shivered me with new commotion,
Two feet started dancing with excitement,
Two hands of mine trembling with palpitation,
When I received your gift of adoration.

I could feel your feelings,
 realize  your  yearnings ,
From the two words you express ,
In quick interaction,
I could access  the profundity,
Measure the eagerness from the two words,
You expressed as a gratitude ,for me.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mummy ‘s Dream..

Once I asked my Mum,
What you want to be?
She replied in morose tone,
My days are gone, forlorn ,
I see my dreams in you,
She said this in a dawdling tone,
During our days ,
bi-cycle  ride raised brows,
You have crossed those hurdles,
For you, riding a racer bike raise lesser brow,
I run among the meadows to keep me fit,
You choose treadmills and gym to fit your body shape in tight zip.
She then said ,I longed to be a free bird and fly,
Unable to do so ,I am tied to this cross wire,
I dream you to fly high ,
sustain like the Eagle and thrive,
I kept quiet ,thinking my mum looks so simple,
Yet her dreams to aspire higher goal strived
So she wanted me to fulfill those dreams of her,
To rise like tide and drive in it,
With  my dreams holding as a kite.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Is this my infatuation?

Is this my infatuation
Or my curiosity?
If none among these ,
Then why this storm inside me,
Warming my blood and shaking my nerves,
Every day I wait to meet you in our preferred spot,
In spite of the heavy snowfall or loud thunder.
I am addicted to your aromatic breeze,
Even my alphabets are conscious of your presence in my ink,
So I wait for your gift,
To feel your existence among your handwritten few words
Which you have written ,only for me.
I want to inhale the feelings ,
Behind your note, your love,
Which I know ,you might have not jotted down,
Yet I can estimate your emotions from your alphabets.
But the delay in courier service is breaking my patience,
And I went on asking about it details,
To all my acquaintance and friends,
They too laugh ,seeing me impatient,
Can I express them my cause of annoyance.

Monday, 9 October 2017


 My enchantress!
For you..
I am sailing in the sea,
The  sea of gaiety,
 the sea of pleasure,
Romantic adventure and the enchanting encounter.

For you my sorceress, I am in  stupor,
I could feel the high rise tidal waves ,
Crushing me ,dashing  my dock,
With its magical current,
The magnetic effect of the tide,
 Drive me into its grip,
more passionately,
More eloquently.

Ravishing waves blushing me to a new shape,
Each organ of mine,
including my worthy brain,
Is numb, reeling under the torrents of anticipation,
I am on the clutches of passionate thoughts .

In my dreams ,she comes as a fairy,
With bouquet of red rose,
With her appealing smile.
To wash away my worries,
Here I endlessly chat,
silently she nods her head ,
I want to hold her little longer,
Bit closer to my wall of imagination,
But the mighty rays woke me ,
Yet the thoughts of my enchantress cripple me.

Friday, 6 October 2017


After a span ,The dark cloud deviated,
Its route to another path,
Her eyes which were accustomed to dark,Witnessed brightness for the first time,She saw her image ,in the mirror,Quite clear, beautiful , and alluring,In spite of, some lines on her forehead ,And dark circles under her eyes,uff,she needs a make over,To get rid of off all the bruises of hurricane,That shattered her happiness,Crumbled her, self –confidence to zero,No more ! mourning like the pregnant cloud,No more! Bowing her down in front of the barren tree,Which stopped sprouting green leaves for her,Oh !she never expected its flowers,Only lived with its fragranceRather preserved thosecarefully in the golden vase,But all her efforts went unnoticedShe wanted to wipe all the dirt from her eyes,Which is giving incessant pain to her,She decided not to show her tears,But …….she cannot even laugh,Her cracks of her lips are also giving her pain....Enough……..every thing has an expiry date,She will smile ,smile for her ,smile for her future,Deciding so, she instructed the cab to keep in front of a beauty parlor.x

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Promise me.
Please promise me dear!,
Be my neighbor in my next birth for sure,
So I can see you and ,
will sail in your ocean of love daylong,
No grumble and grievance will measures our path,
You will be only mine ,except nothing than that,
Together will drench in rain,
Watch the moon, and blue waves from our window pane,
Our hours will be only ours,
Here there will be no ray to give us pain,
We will make our castle out of golden frame,
Will request the cuckoo to sing throughout the day,
Will request the clouds to pour its shower,
With out delay ,to give us respite from all the humid space,
Together we will play hide and seek with shinning stars,
With you I can crack each and every part of the Earth,
If you are not mine now ,promise me ,
Take a rebirth for my sake in this Earth.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


This is  a  special  bond.
Very powerful ,subtle and strong,
Vigilant ,active and scintillating than other bond,
Probably I long for it since long,
To seek the pleasure of it’s beauty,
To get entrapped in it’s ingenuity,
The ties of  connectivity,
With the obligation to  it’s authority,
My heart beats dance with gaiety,
The power of bond triggers my creativity,
I  see ,paint ,sing and pen with a new artistry,
My world smiles with its supremacy,
I  willingly  follow the   nuances  of it’s activity,
I pray for it’s longevity,
This bond has changed my perspective towards a charming individuality.

Monday, 18 September 2017

I can not move out

I can not move out….
You moved out,
shut your doors for me,
I am in the same place,
burning in your flames,
You erased the sketches ,
deleted my number,
Walked out smoothly,
as if we were two strangers,
I am stranded in the puddle of sensations,
On the verge of disgust ,
threw my mobile to the sputter,because
your smiling pic in the screen saver,
teases me,
My hands always eager to dial my darling's digit ,
It will be painful for me to delete your number
from the call list forever,
The ephemeral fire may not have burned you,
Yet the pleasure of burning will bounce me ceaselessly ,
I will cherish your memories till my death,
If ever you return then and inhale my ashes,
They will bear the smell of you.
Because I can not move out.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

I am sorry

I’m sorry..
Your two words kept me quite,
My pent up irritation vanished away immediately as the jet flight,
You didn’t come to our meeting spot,
Kept me waiting hours long,
Ignored my messages and phone call,
My eagerness mounted up with every foot step,
Which come closer to my door step,
My eyes were filled with your dreams,
My nose recognizes the perfume of your breeze,
With every knock, my beats speeds up ,face lights up,
My  spine chills with the undercurrent of flowering furnace,
In spite  of all my preparation ,you didn’t turn up,
My anger shot up,
I   busted out my rage  in front  of all those who were nearer,
My eyes couldn’t control the drops which are dearer,
My hands trembled  with fury,
But when you said the two magical words politely,
I’m sorry!
What next?
My ice started melting ,my fury flew away,
All those hours of worries ,means nothing to my dictionary,
Only thing concern to me is ,
You said sorry ,and I  will love waiting for you .

Friday, 15 September 2017

My story

One lazy afternoon,
While I am sleeping on my room,
All of a sudden some inactive neurons,
 started whispering, near my eardrum,
At first softly and smoothly,
When I ignored ,then it’s vigorous tap,
Forced me to hold my pen to jot down,
All that is expressed and unexpressed in my living room,
 The stagnant pool begin to flow from the jumbled paradox,
Which often chase me in my lonely hours,
I see and recognize every images that  comes to my dream,
Yet I get no words ,how to begin,
The low confidence in me   restricts with the wordings,
That I am not so worthy to appease praise from worthy,
Days passed and then years,
Seasons changed keeping pace in their frontier,
I see the blue sky and wonder,
Will thunder never vibrate me ,
Or my time will pass remaining  in slumber,
Surprisingly, the rain came with a broad smile,
Giving me bouts of shivering,
The sudden gust of wind tremble me with in,
My pleasures and pain began flowing,
Touching the boundaries and absorbing me in its ring,
The excitement I received is higher that my horizon,
I fell in love with the interesting filament,Poetry,
Poems Is something serious ,
I firmed this idea in the beginning,
 Now the scribblings  are my darlings,
RHYME OF RAIN  and FIRST RAIN  are my stories,
Some real and some imaginary.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Return Please

One ,two ,three, four ,and more,
The drops of sweat trickles from my brow,
Sings the tale of my pain, to soothe your  core,
My  attempts to cool your rage ,seems slight tough,
But   ,one day I will surely persuade you,
how deep is my love for you,
Wipe out,  the incident from your surface,
Those infuriated to carry tint of bitterness in your cleavage ,
Believe me, my intentions are never to hurt you,
Rather protect you like a pearl within my coverage,
My earth longs for your fragrance,
Every article reminds me ,your absence,
Your demure attendance will flower my barren land,
Your presence will make me sing
The aroma of yours will bring rain,
My dry eyes  and  my vacant space waits for you,
Think of me and please return to my life.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

O my Moon....

O my Moon….
O! Moon except you no one will understand me,
To you I confess ,to you I lay out my arms,
In front of you I react,
In front of you I act,
I am attracted to your rays,
Never give emphasis to the carters that lay,
In your bosom,
 For me it is  like the beauty spots in its optimum,
You are aware of my scratches,
You are conscious of my  dolefulness,
You know  my depth of cheerfulness,
I share every ounce  of my step to you,
As my best friend,hence,
I care your silent words,
 I search your luminous light when the dark clouds ,
Shield you during the rainy days,
I aspire to be your lover and beholder,
Who sings for you ,will  sing for you,
till my departure from the earth,
O Moon! This is my commitment to you.

Monday, 11 September 2017


I am wonderstruck with  this sensation,
So pleasant and  caressing ,that,
 my each atoms running with this vibration,
The tingling flushes is reflected in my reflection,
How it came ,how I am under it’s grip,
How I am in this  chain of bonding,
Is diverting my concentration.
It came slowly ,wrapped me in its silken robe,
Touched me and my inner chord,
Very delicately ,very passionately ,very elegantly,
Made me forget me from my whole,
My world changed accordingly,
Expectantly I wait ,hopefully I desire,
anxiously  I want the attention of the smiling Sky,
Now I want to enhance my glow,
Work hard to be perfect in every slope,
I long to swim in this perennial flow,
I enjoy   its torrential rainfall,
I get strength from its rising ebb,
The chain of affection is giving me strength,
I can fight like Don Quixote,
I can break the Great wall,
I can climb the Mount Everest ,
sail in Indian Ocean in one breath,
Encircling this beautiful feeling as my adoration,
This is the power play of the great feeling LOVE to my consideration.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

All of a sudden.......

All of a sudden,you said me bye,
Went offline ,keeping me thinking the reason why,
My day became dark ,
My mind became blank,
Your rude words keep on lingering ,
Stabbing me inside, piercing my heart,
I scrolled back ,checked and re-checked my actions and words,
Trying to find out my mistakes,
which might have hurt you and you decided to part,
Parting may be easy for you,
Throwing away is more easier,
But how can I part myself from my heart,
I wanted to call you and say sorry,
But my phone went on ringing ,
You didn’t pick up, my heart started sinking,
Passing time is now stinging,
How to confess my words to you, I am thinking,
My unstable soul loitering aimlessly,
To meet you ,whether in morning or in evening,
Your traces are hunting,
I started drawing your sketch in my paintings,
To cool your anger through my carvings,
With the passage of time ,my wound instead of healing,
Became more pinching,
Today all of a sudden when you responded to my wordings,
My world started flowering.

Friday, 8 September 2017

You in the air

You in the air… 
You came as a breeze,
Touched my bridge,
crumbled all the rocks,
Swaddled me ,from the wrecks,
Cuddled all my flecks,
Polished me ,hence I am standing in the deck,
Fearlessly , embodying you in the air,
The flickering candles made me bold,
The seasonal thunder spurs the vibration in my spinal chord,
My pulsation sings galore of soundless lyre,
I dream of gleaming stars catching fire,
My earth bloomed with hisses all-round,
Garden of mine chants your name time bound,
Your canopy is an intoxication,
To sail in it, is my fascination,
You fabricate me to drench in the showers,
Enjoy the sparkles in midnight hours,
But …….you departed as a hurricane,
Crumbling me to pieces again.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

First Rain

After that day ,I  closed  my chapters,
This  bore the fragrance of your stupors,
I conserved all the scented letters and kept it in the drawer,
Thought, let this never see the sunshine forever,
Wrapped it with a silken cover,
Preserved it in the bunker,
Aha! to my false impressions,
 I thought ,now I am relaxed from this structure,
Of  being in love  ,now never here after,
But I when I come across the cupboard,
I  inhale the  aroma of sealed letters,
I hear the messages of humid breeze,
I heart skips for the dancing rain,
My eyes hunt for variant rainbow,
Then my heart aches, for the first rain.
The drops which doused me once,
The rainfall which aroused me the glitter of romance,
The sprinkles of first rain still blush me,
With its astounding performance.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Will you ever understand the depth of my feelings for you,
Or you simply say ,it’s my hallucinations ,in which I sail through,
Very coolly you answered me,
very coolly you avoided me,
I am drowned in the whirlpool of emotions,
So it is not that easy for me to walk out,
It’s because I am habituated to weave you in my thoughts,
And you ,the queen of my bosom, occupied my soul,
Your slightest knock creates thousand verse,
In my pen ,you are the source,
You are my sunrise ,
You are in my dreams,
Without you, my existence barely persists,
In silence when I murmur your name,
Tears keeps rolling on, and I cannot retain,
You will not understand this because to you ,
I am a fool ,and I should remain cool,
I will try my best to compose my foolish heart,
Which all time beeps for you ,my sweet heart.
This you will not understand.

Sunday, 3 September 2017


Your waves made me sail in the roaring ocean,
Your petals of rose filled the crystal glass,
Which was lying empty, since then,
Your click brings gloss to my cheeks,
I couldn’t help myself waiting for you,
My ink turned pink ,my eyes blink with new dreams,
I reverted all my possession,
which were once dearer to me in the archive dustbin,
Decided never to peep them ,
Its all because you wiped my tears,
Made me smile, cuddle me with your sentiments,
So I forgot the past frustration and firmed my mind to smile with you,
You calmed me with your assuring words,
All my agony vanished away,
Your presence brought relief to my heave,
Because of it, all my seasons turned to spring,
I started visualizing rainbow in clear sky,
I started whispering love rhymes,
I started taking care of my face ,
I started realizing how beautiful the world is,
For you,
So thank you.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

The letter for you

The letter to you……
My dearest,
Don’t think these are only the alphabets written in ink,
Oh! dear these words are the echoes of my heart,
I print on it,
See the red ink, and see how eloquently my red heart wrote all these,
Last evening during my stroll in beach,
I missed you, your company , and ,our sweet exchange of words,
I walked with you hand in hand in fancy,
Your smiles and giggles l heard from the waves of blue sea,
You know ,the shinning Jelly fish on the beach couldn’t grab my attention,
Because all my attention was focused on thee,
The cool breeze brought bumps to me,
I started fantasying you with the whispering breeze,
I came back ,wrote some words to give meaning to this relationship,
Thought a lot ,practiced a lot to define this in one line,
After a long effort ,I concluded,
You are the incredible star of my life,
The fragrance that evoked fire in me.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Reflections too speak

The mirror today asked me,
Why do you look worn out and why sad?
I replied, I am not in good mood and so this look,
Curiosity reached its peak, the mirror asked the next bit,
Come on dear, something might have happened,
That’s why I see your lines and blemishes,
which always hide beneath your smiling face,
Oh! why you see so much ?, I wanted to shout ,
My dry throat chocked my voice and decided to remain quiet,
But how long can I avoid its sharp glance?
Hence opened my heart,
I said, days passed without seeing him,
From last two days no messages in WhatsApp,
No messages in messenger,
I am eagerly waiting for his phone call,
That too didn’t turn up,
The news channel say,
War is continuing in border area,
Many killed, few wounded,
Some lost in gun fire,
My heart now stopped beating,
Myself in anxiety ,counting fingers and praying the almighty,
To keep him safe ,with him I am alive,
Send him soon to safety, and please stop this notoriety .

Thursday, 31 August 2017


The boy with a lot of presumption asked the girl,
“What do you feel, when you don’t see me?”
After a long pause ,the girl replied,
I never miss you, never feel sad when I don’t see you,
The boy became hurt,
his eyes moistened with her unexpected answer,
Her smile and her words are now so disappointing,
His mind started weaving uncanny questions,
Now the puzzling query regarding this relationship,
Is bringing tears to his bright eyes,
Washed his face, then wiped his face with the hanky,
Asked her again ,Whom I’m you to ?
She in a soft tone replied ,
You are my breath,
You are my soul,
You are in my beatings,
Your image is reflected in the mirror, when I see myself,
Hence I never dishearten ,when I don’t see you,
Its you in my wall page,
I see you and blush ,I see you and smile.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


You blocked me in messenger,
My world stopped flowering,
From my blurry vision I found myself drowning,
I started searching the root 
from where the journey bloomed to shoot,
My sincerity and honesty to become close,
Here lies the knot,
All my attempts are now to re-define this friendship,
Towards a bond which is unique and strong,
Each approach failed,
each time I feel neglected,
Every time I wanted to avoid you from my mind,
You crop up with your amazing smile,
More beautiful and more refine than the previous depiction,
I couldn’t pull myself out from this well,
Because your thoughts are shocking,
Distressing me with in,
I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature,
Or enjoy the spice of food,
My earth centered on one orbit ,and I am unable to move,
Thousand time I want to express my words,
You avoid my glance ,you blocked your heart,
In state of depression my world is blocked.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I will paint you

I cannot smile with my parched lips,
I cannot drink with the lump in my throat,
I cannot gulp my food ,when hunger vanished from my floor,
I cannot sleep as I see you among the stars,
Oh! Can I not erase those stubborn acnes,
Which is caused ,due to your remembrance,
You came,
we smiled,
we blushed ,
We celebrate, then?
You went away giving me the acute pain in my throb.
Heavy breath and heavy thoughts of you is making me crazy,
Each second is excruciating ,hence I decided to make it memorable,
Through my brush……..,
I will paint you with devotion.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My sorcerer

My sorcerer.
Suddenly when my world surged with fresh air,
My dull earth smiled to fresh green,
Before I could realize my warm blood vessels,
my arteries sprouted to pink,
Your touch as a sorcerer, enhanced me,
To dream and I attempted to reach the heights,
Not for anyone, not for me
,but for you,
As your magical waves made me to sail in ocean,
I fear not drown in the tide,
Rather I enjoy the taunts of the ebb,
I feel myself dipping into it ,deeper and deeper,
This might be due to your influence, my sorcerer.

Monday, 21 August 2017

My Words

Silently you came,
Secretly I preserve,
Diligently I worship, 
Patiently I nurture,
Elegantly I paint,
Anxiously I wait,
Desperately I search,
Our fable in my verse,
My words were familiar with your thoughts,
My sky whispers the song of red rose,
My dreams crown with your buzz,
I live in the land of fancy,
With you in my fantasy,
Here I built the castle of love,
You by my side, I weave poems a lot,
You are my inspiration and
You are my soul,
With you my fable is colorful,
My earth says ,
with you my pages will always remain cheerful.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


Though you came silently,
But you hit me as a storm,
Be ruffled me and silenced my norms,
Quietly I sing ,smilingly I buzz,
Eagerly I see and control my nerves,
Hence I watch the Moon, play with countless stars,
During day time I grumble ,
How soon the time will pass, 
I imagine thousand thoughts ,and imagine thousand words,
All to share with you ,
I dream to pour out my fervent fable,
In front of you ,long to hear your view,
How much it affects you,
I prepare, I rehearse ,I practice a lot in silence,
But words choke my vocal nerve,
Keeping me numb again in front of you.

Monday, 14 August 2017

You are special

You are special to me,
Not because you are different ,
and your position is special in my dictum,
You smiles in my diction,
My wall brightens with your fiction,
my beats fluctuates with rotation,
All that is according to the situation
My pounds become heavy, when
I see myself crazy,
And your reflection peeps hazy,
In my dreams to make me crazy,
Crazy to see you ,
Interact with you,
Then all my special sentences crops up with fertility,
My alphabets flows in density,
my throbs become whimsical ,
My words pour out in decimal,
For you my special.

Sunday, 13 August 2017


I said to the red sky…
I am not tired of counting the waves of the sea,
I match my waves with the roaring numerous tides of it,
The evening sky then nodded its head,
And agreed with me,
Standing near the saline water,
I observed the waves
Coming to me ,
Touching me,
Enticing me,
Cuddling me,
When I start loving it ,enjoying its stroke,
Then the ebb abruptly departs,
I silently wait and watch its next motion,
Which then comes and dampens me ferociously,
Than the previous encounter,
The silken sand beneath my feet is,
Giving me an exhilarating feeling,
Slowing slipping from my grip to the vast sea,
The velvety touch is giving me bumps,
I wish now , the sensuous sensation to stay
little longer, as palpitation is pleasurable,
But ….
The waves don’t wait,
And it disappear to merge with the sea.

Saturday, 12 August 2017


You made me wait,
And I waited un-complainingly, 
For your thump ,
for your sight,
For your words ,
for your giggles,
You didn’t give me a chance to convey my words,
To express my million of thoughts,
Which I skillfully managed capture in one thread,
Yes ,I prepared a garland of verse ,only for you,
You came,
You spoke,
You vanished away,
Left me quiet,
Quiet with my thousand alphabets,
Secreted among my shy lips,
You cann’t imagine,
how hard is for me to gulp down every bits,
The implicit words and the interval of waiting,
Is aching…….with the time’s interval more throbbing,
Evil thought is crippling me from inside,
My concentration is lacking,
I have no option left except waiting for you patiently.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

I wonder for the feelings

I wonder for this feelings,
For the unexplained sizzling,
For the paradox ,that is singing inside me,
All my dead cell and neurons ,
those are sleeping in movement of torpor,
Are active and euphoric,
An ecstatic pleasure I draw from my surrounding,
All of a sudden, the world around me seems more beautiful,
And me the most beautiful creation of the earth,
My world smiling and blushing and so is my facial tone,
I started liking day and night,
Dreaming as a child,
with lots unexpected questions playing in my mind,
The fairyland I sketch in my fancy,
Is wonderful ………,
The vibration which running in me is delightful,
I am cheerful to see my world colorful,
At the present I dance in the rain,
When the dark cloud occupy its place,
I hum in wrench,
My ears have become more pining,
I could hear the leaves whistling,
Strange thing is happening,
To me ….
I search in dictionary ,what’s happening?
To me…
Am I maddening ?
But this ecstatic pleasure is killing.
I wish If I could get a word to explain me the meaning.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Your Entrance

You stupefied me with your amazing entrance,

Your guitar and your magical band,

All together and the bunch of rose in your hand,

The string of it sings of romance,

I couldn’t avoid my glance,

Loved your sunlight, 

Loved your rain,

Climbed the stairs of love ,without refrain,

Your brightness erased my strain.

Now I hum for the heavy rain,

My world changed to a new domain,

I laugh over and over again,

Your entrance titillate my veins,

your presence excites and ignite flames,

I wait not now for sunrise or sunset,

Rather fervently I wait for your arrival in my entrance gate,

My doors and windows are open, 

For you,and eyes fixed to the door bell.

My blinks now habituated to your tale,

I sleep finger-crossed,keeping thousand thoughts in my brain,

Thousand time I dream of you,

Thousand time I find you dashing,

More ravishing and captivating,

Even my weaving's lack to imprint your perfect figurine,

The current which runs in me for you is divine,

I love to live with this …….. in this lifetime.