Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Hey wall!
Convert to sprightly frame,
To listen my sigh and our mourn,
Living in the either side of dawn,
We can’t see each other in the same lawn,
The silent breeze hearing my  groan,
Delivers my message to my cherished,
In a grumbling tone,
I hear the modulation of his depressed state,
Yet you separator!
In between us is the hell,
I never accuse, the prevalent  confusion,
Because I know ,there is no immediate solution,
The obstruction has disparate two loving souls,
Our heart misses  each rain drops,
Each shade of rainbow, every hue, the fragrant dew,
The weather is similar as before,
The concrete formation has killed the show,
Every bricks listens the grim speech,
The song of cuckoo  cuddles the  aura,
Our still  voice is judged by our fluttering beeps,
I wish to dismantle the chips to clasp the nature’s green,
Then will never allow anyone to build the wall of concrete sheet.

Monday, 30 January 2017

I Remember

I remember,
when I counted the numberless stars at night,
I remain awake the whole night,
Measured each distance and its height,
The unfathomable twinkle  kindle my thoughts bright,
Instantaneously   I smiled seeing my portrait in their light,
The shinning balls smirk and tweet,
My moon is loitering for my sight,
Hearing this ,
I didn’t exhibit my keenness in my  profile,
Though my  heart pounds were swift,
My legs ,unlike eyes yearning  to poke his sight,
I regulated my thumping  drift,
To remain cool in the  warmth of twilight,
I started evaluating every yardstick,
Each turning to notice,
Whether  the spark truly meant for me?
When the gleam burn my ribs,
My inner corner shrieks ...
Remember all the blazing things ..

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Return back

I  recognised you in the  morning fog,
The same footsteps,
The  matching fragrance,
Identical eyes that crushed ,
Me and forced to sail in a novel land ,
With its gladdening performance, once,
Up to now  my throb speaks the same wonderful words ,
 Often your warm zephyr  touches my skin,
My red thumps are aware of your presence in the ring,
Time ,expertly healed the spikes of  gun,
I fondly remember ,those bicycle rides,
The promises ,we share under the starry nights,
My heavy  breath recollects all the grains,
You sprinkled in my meadow ,
The sparkles of colour hurt me infrequently,
With your congenial impressions,
Your lacuna pens melancholy rhyme,
To my cheering dairy,
I  wish ,you to envisage this,
Return back with your masterly entry.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Am I Crazy?

To inscribe your name in my plain canvas,
Then climb to the  top of mountain with deviant fluff,
Veiling your portrait amidst the nylon fibres,
The excruciating picture is wearisome,
 I meet the spots in each colour of my abstract design,
With a lump in my throat,
I wanted to shriek its identity,
But quaver to unveil the receptacle.
So I am emphatic to
Capitulate  me  in portal  of flowering landscape,
There I  want to  fizzle my bottle up sentiments,

To  the clouds and constellations of inky sky,
My shivering rim is  stitched  with the buds of rose,
Eyes  daunting for the quivering trunk,
I am waiting eagerly for its knock,
The fragrant wind mumbles,

‘’You are a crazy bloke’”.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

My search

I lost the dice in dense forest,
Started searching it ,among the every corners,
Of long planks ,among the bosquet of grass,
In a pensive heart I move back and forth,
To every plants ,to every flowers,
To get some clue of my precious cube,
My inflated badge tweak me time to time,
Why I gouge for this missing chunk?
The redolent spirit flashes in my inward eye,
Making me nostalgic ,I started searching for the herb,
Whose savour once coloured my stage,
Suddenly the soft tone of breeze,
Whispering near my ample cheeks,
The dice is buried in the heap of wrecks,
Dig it ,and keep it safe,
Fresh blood surged to my faded brow,
I will get back my jewel, now for sure
All my worries melted to happy tears.
My search revealed how much my dice is dear.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Blushing Sun

The shades of blushing Sun,
Ignited our concealed fire,
We speak through our reticent glare,
All our crossness vanished in the flare,
We missed each other ‘s company in every sphere,
Though our pounding beat yearns for familiar lyre,
We kept noiseless in our shire,
We count each moment crossing our fingers,
Waiting for habitual glance,
We both were apprised of our obsession,
For one another ,yet never dare,
To confess the session of sensitiveness,
Today the fire painted rainbow in our ram,
Lighted the warmness to express our inclinations,
Quivering lips searches words for expression,
Eyes play with sensation,
Setting Sun is adding fuel to our affection.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mountain to brook................

I asked the melodious brook,
Do you miss me?
Do you ever look back to see me?
She laughed and laughed ,
Then ,turned to me and smiled,
Can ever my flow run swiftly without your strife,
With you by my side ,I  cross the boundaries in a strive,
I didn’t bother the rocks ,hard   core pebbles,
That come across in my horrendous drive,
Probably her answer ,didn’t satisfy my conceited pride,
I expected  some  elusive sentences  from her side,
Oh !how could I forget  this ?
You are from my origin, my deepest  symphony,
My  mesmerising little heart,
That I want to hold and cuddle all the time,
My terrain belt is slacken with your smooth sail,
To the vast horizon, where my eyes fail to perceive, 
Despite of it I surmise ,your alluvial voyage will give much respite,
To  some penurious  flesh,
Your ramble will blend them to brighter spread,
So ,now I brood not ,nor I want your flow to give a brake,
But I want you roar all the way smiling and giggling ,

Singing and remembering the lullaby.

Friday, 13 January 2017

The Sharp Pebble

The road of soft red petals,

You laid on surface as a carpet ,

For me ,to give comfort to my feet,

Is very beautiful and soft,

My cushy steps were so acquainted,

With its cushion,

I hardly felt the sharp pebble hide beneath,

The spongy belt of rose petals,

The intoxication of alluring breeze,

Is captivating yet tantalising,

I swing with the  enthralling beauty,

Never in my dreams wink a thought,

About the sharp edge drubbing under the sheath,

When my delighted feet got injured,

To my utter surprise,

The red leaflet  ingest my red blood particles,

With its colour ,the merge of two same colour,

Is hardly noticeable to strangers,

I decided to keep noiseless about the inflicting soreness.

Then applied  ointment hoping for soothing effect. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Grass Flower

The grass flower hurt my vision,
With a shock, I removed the stuff,
From my garden and threw it in the meadow,
I watered the saplings ,nurtured it,
To bloom with fresh budding,
The grass started growing ,
Along with the flowering plants,
Ripening fruits,and mellow leaves
The seasonal thunder never interfered,
In its growth and I often wonder
For its magnificent splendour,
Day by day  the  effect of manure and sunlight,
Flourish with its astounding results,
The fragrant flowers swing mellifluously ,
In the aromatic air of topography,
Arrival of buzzing bee causing disturbance,
To the hemisphere of tuneful methodology,
Harming me and causing pain to my probity,
No chance of compromises with the sobriety,
Hence I eradicated the grass flower from my diversity.
My garden may miss its space,
But the superfluous presence is the creator unwanted circumstances.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Sun Smiles

After the heyday,
When we met in may day,
The dusk gleam gripped us through its ray,
Under the bronze sky,
Neither you utter a word,
Nor me communicate my pique,
Our eyes whirl with delight,
Pounding heart raises its beat to touch the height,
Our lips fasten  with a fluttering thread,
The bumps in trunk brightens our face,
Eyes smiling ,ears red ,limbs  trembling,
For the tender clasp,in the dusk beam,
The gleaming sky  grins,
The breeze wipes all the differences,
We   came face to face with bountiful tenderness,
Our racing heart silently says,
The air is not pleasurable when ice obstructed our way,
The sun blinks and  smiles in triumph.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

My Bruises.............

At first when the rose splint wound me,
I didn’t cry in torment,
Determine  to absorb the pain  in my bosom,
Carrying the bruise ,I will smile with satisfaction,
I attempted  to paint white in my walls,
Fill my canvas with dotted marks,
But nothing .....can hide your remarkable spark,
Slowly and slowly the sting becoming intense,
With every passing phase ,
The injury instead of conciliate,
Becoming acute and potent,
My  empiricism turn to rodents,
I see you in crowd  so in shade,
You cloud my mind so my space,
My pond crave for lotus ,instead of lily grace,
I  started exploring you in  sea and in hilly base,
Every where I return unrewarded,
My hope  tottering and mind stained,
 In the lissom  booth you are prominent,
The laceration hums your name.
Intermittently  I hunt you in bruises.  

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Focus Of Attention

My rivulet misses the muttering zephyr,
My grassland waits for perennial stream,
Which will  saturate my Earth with its rill,
I listen the cadence  from the bleat of breeze,
My conscience speaks, of your silent screen,

Often while wandering I meet you in starry council,
We divert our eyes form blessings,,
While our heart racing and lightening,
To break the concrete bridge of misunderstandings, 

Our false promise couldn’t veil our feelings,
lips tied with artificial quivering,
You rejoice and blush with  the rubicund light,
I too experience same with fluorescent bright,

Every second I want to dismantle the foundation,

To feel the previous pulsation ,
Mind here disagrees with my rhyme,
Consoles me with flavoured chime,
But my breathing whispers,
The scintillating metre of yours,

Which rings in my meadow,
The barrier of silence,
 couldn’t hamper my soul to,

divert its attention from your twinkling shadow..

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Mirror's Reflection

I always desire for a flawless complexion,

If ever I see my image in mirror,

I was proud of my glowing reflection,

Every day I apply some tips to enhance my impression,

Uff!  Today .......        

On my rounded cheeks,

I found some black marks,

Demolishing  my cognitive  blueprint,

I checked it with curiosity,

How come this audacity?

Harming my delicacy and notoriety,

I applied methods to erase the prints,

The stubborn spots took a lot of energy,

To extirpate from the  lurid arena,In desolation ,

I  choose it as a part of  my carcass,

If you love me with sobriety,

Then you will come to me and accept my flawed beauty,

Ephemeral beauty can not be trustworthy,

A  pleasing heart is  better in resemblance to dazzling gem,

Moon  ,too gorgeous with its charming black beauty.

Monday, 2 January 2017

My Views..............

An year has passed,
I wait not now for your star cast,
The day   may be initially foggy,
With zero visibility and dark feasibility,
I believe time is the healer,
It knows when to apply balm on aching elbow,
I have decided not to engross me in war fare,
Which will puzzle me ,
with vagaries of trade fair,
Year to year ,the stair case I climb ,
is making me mellow,
Yet ,in lonely dusk ,
your reflections recognises me as hollow,
I became firm with leaves yellow,
But your fragrance is thrilling,
Sings your song trillion times near my willow,
My grass beds smiles with your  dew,
But  my mind denies to scroll the review,
Every passing hour the war between the mind and heart,
Was giving me bouts of desperation,
Now I shouted ,enough of  exertion, To my point of view.
The  new dawn will out waive out you from my preview.