Friday, 27 January 2017

Am I Crazy?

To inscribe your name in my plain canvas,
Then climb to the  top of mountain with deviant fluff,
Veiling your portrait amidst the nylon fibres,
The excruciating picture is wearisome,
 I meet the spots in each colour of my abstract design,
With a lump in my throat,
I wanted to shriek its identity,
But quaver to unveil the receptacle.
So I am emphatic to
Capitulate  me  in portal  of flowering landscape,
There I  want to  fizzle my bottle up sentiments,

To  the clouds and constellations of inky sky,
My shivering rim is  stitched  with the buds of rose,
Eyes  daunting for the quivering trunk,
I am waiting eagerly for its knock,
The fragrant wind mumbles,

‘’You are a crazy bloke’”.