Thursday, 12 January 2017

Grass Flower

The grass flower hurt my vision,
With a shock, I removed the stuff,
From my garden and threw it in the meadow,
I watered the saplings ,nurtured it,
To bloom with fresh budding,
The grass started growing ,
Along with the flowering plants,
Ripening fruits,and mellow leaves
The seasonal thunder never interfered,
In its growth and I often wonder
For its magnificent splendour,
Day by day  the  effect of manure and sunlight,
Flourish with its astounding results,
The fragrant flowers swing mellifluously ,
In the aromatic air of topography,
Arrival of buzzing bee causing disturbance,
To the hemisphere of tuneful methodology,
Harming me and causing pain to my probity,
No chance of compromises with the sobriety,
Hence I eradicated the grass flower from my diversity.
My garden may miss its space,
But the superfluous presence is the creator unwanted circumstances.