Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Hey wall!
Convert to sprightly frame,
To listen my sigh and our mourn,
Living in the either side of dawn,
We can’t see each other in the same lawn,
The silent breeze hearing my  groan,
Delivers my message to my cherished,
In a grumbling tone,
I hear the modulation of his depressed state,
Yet you separator!
In between us is the hell,
I never accuse, the prevalent  confusion,
Because I know ,there is no immediate solution,
The obstruction has disparate two loving souls,
Our heart misses  each rain drops,
Each shade of rainbow, every hue, the fragrant dew,
The weather is similar as before,
The concrete formation has killed the show,
Every bricks listens the grim speech,
The song of cuckoo  cuddles the  aura,
Our still  voice is judged by our fluttering beeps,
I wish to dismantle the chips to clasp the nature’s green,
Then will never allow anyone to build the wall of concrete sheet.