Monday, 30 January 2017

I Remember

I remember,
when I counted the numberless stars at night,
I remain awake the whole night,
Measured each distance and its height,
The unfathomable twinkle  kindle my thoughts bright,
Instantaneously   I smiled seeing my portrait in their light,
The shinning balls smirk and tweet,
My moon is loitering for my sight,
Hearing this ,
I didn’t exhibit my keenness in my  profile,
Though my  heart pounds were swift,
My legs ,unlike eyes yearning  to poke his sight,
I regulated my thumping  drift,
To remain cool in the  warmth of twilight,
I started evaluating every yardstick,
Each turning to notice,
Whether  the spark truly meant for me?
When the gleam burn my ribs,
My inner corner shrieks ...
Remember all the blazing things ..