Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mountain to brook................

I asked the melodious brook,
Do you miss me?
Do you ever look back to see me?
She laughed and laughed ,
Then ,turned to me and smiled,
Can ever my flow run swiftly without your strife,
With you by my side ,I  cross the boundaries in a strive,
I didn’t bother the rocks ,hard   core pebbles,
That come across in my horrendous drive,
Probably her answer ,didn’t satisfy my conceited pride,
I expected  some  elusive sentences  from her side,
Oh !how could I forget  this ?
You are from my origin, my deepest  symphony,
My  mesmerising little heart,
That I want to hold and cuddle all the time,
My terrain belt is slacken with your smooth sail,
To the vast horizon, where my eyes fail to perceive, 
Despite of it I surmise ,your alluvial voyage will give much respite,
To  some penurious  flesh,
Your ramble will blend them to brighter spread,
So ,now I brood not ,nor I want your flow to give a brake,
But I want you roar all the way smiling and giggling ,

Singing and remembering the lullaby.