Thursday, 26 January 2017

My search

I lost the dice in dense forest,
Started searching it ,among the every corners,
Of long planks ,among the bosquet of grass,
In a pensive heart I move back and forth,
To every plants ,to every flowers,
To get some clue of my precious cube,
My inflated badge tweak me time to time,
Why I gouge for this missing chunk?
The redolent spirit flashes in my inward eye,
Making me nostalgic ,I started searching for the herb,
Whose savour once coloured my stage,
Suddenly the soft tone of breeze,
Whispering near my ample cheeks,
The dice is buried in the heap of wrecks,
Dig it ,and keep it safe,
Fresh blood surged to my faded brow,
I will get back my jewel, now for sure
All my worries melted to happy tears.
My search revealed how much my dice is dear.