Sunday, 29 January 2017

Return back

I  recognised you in the  morning fog,
The same footsteps,
The  matching fragrance,
Identical eyes that crushed ,
Me and forced to sail in a novel land ,
With its gladdening performance, once,
Up to now  my throb speaks the same wonderful words ,
 Often your warm zephyr  touches my skin,
My red thumps are aware of your presence in the ring,
Time ,expertly healed the spikes of  gun,
I fondly remember ,those bicycle rides,
The promises ,we share under the starry nights,
My heavy  breath recollects all the grains,
You sprinkled in my meadow ,
The sparkles of colour hurt me infrequently,
With your congenial impressions,
Your lacuna pens melancholy rhyme,
To my cheering dairy,
I  wish ,you to envisage this,
Return back with your masterly entry.