Sunday, 26 February 2017


Every time I caution my beeping heart,
Don’t flutter much for, the sight of rose,
I caution it not to dance with wandering breeze,
Never long more than what I deserve for crop,
Nor build  citadel  of golden dreams,
Neither weep for frivolous sheep,
My fragile little heart is  conscious of the bridges,
But frequently ignored the ridges,
I heartily wish to laugh with smiths,
 My valley crave for honey, so I wreathe,
I caution my core not to mourn for days that gone,
Then also It cry for yesterday lawn,
I often caution it to live in virgin space,
But  my  heart  throbs to light my casement,
By walking in the orbit of  celestial stretch,
Clasping my fingers I often hope,
Let my heart rule not my brain,
Brain is alert ,so attentive, but  heart defy lot in fashion,
Then I wonder why I ask my bosom to walk behind caution.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Dont say bye

Spring! Don’t wave your hands ,
To say me bye,
It will be difficult for me to wait,
Another long year to colour myself in your dye,
Within your short stay ,
you imprinted your stamp on my frame,
Little did you know ,your  impact is stirring and imposing,
Every second my thought  dwell for  your empathy,
The newly sprouted leaves long for familiarity,
Have you imagined ,your absence will drown me in misery,
Is it easy to flower my base in anxiety?
Fresh florets and swinging posy linger to bloom ,
In my garden of delicacy,
With out you ,what will happen to their solidarity?
I don’t want to lose my grip of  intimacy,
You stubborn spring ,ready  to detach yourself from my  conformity,
If summer is determined to come,
To ascend your throne,
O spring dear ,come soon to sprinkle your dew on my dry vine,
Because your rhyme will trigger  green to my mead.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Gift of sun

Dear Sun,
Your luminous rays have tanned my tone,
 I implemented  various  methods to erase the burn,
The glimmer is  astounding and,
The  contact gifted me a   phenomenal glow,
The application of  masks couldn’t hide ,
The reddening  show,
When the white flowers ask me about the drab,
I fumble and then said, It’s because of the gleam of remarkable Sun,
Though it ,initially  pleasant ,subsequently hurts,
Listening  my words,
The juicy watermelon wails,
“the sunshine too enhanced my  presence,
I quench the thirst of burning personages’,
The brownish skin tone have its effect,
Loving souls were not conscious of resemblance,
They were joined  by alliance,
Sun plays an integral part to magnify my countenance,
Gifted me a beautiful nourishment.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bright Day

Day by day ,the hours are hotter,
Cold night is becoming warmer,
The duration of dark is shorter,
Oh Sun! Why your impact is so faster?
 Redolent air stimulating flames in evening hours,
I  have knowledge  that sooner or later the storm will tap my door,
I wait for the windy breeze to make  me feel cooler,
Eager were my eyes ,sharp  were my snuffer,
Keenly and patiently I standby for the dropper,
His aroma has generated colourful waves in my chamber,
The crimson ray  filled my hut with abundance laughter,
My wings have become lighter,
 Confederate  of mine made the climate smoother,
Hours of waiting in sunny weather ,at times fabricates my anger,
Yet I know ,as soon as I will hear him or see him,
My days will become brighter.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Summer wind..

The dry summer wind entered through my door,
Made me realise ,I am alone in my floor,
The lonely hours recaptured some thoughts,
Of us ,when  we engross in endless discourse,
Hours fly ,we never say bye,
May be we  love each others’  sweet company,
More than what’s happening  around the globe,
Least bothered for others ,thinking  we are enough together,
Time’s wing made us swirl in different facets of ring,
Every time we come out swing,
Happily ,singing and dancing  in each other’s cling
Even sorrow dare not touch our outline,
Honey moments passed so fast,
The colour of my sky changed  its tint,
Deep blue to crimson dark,
You left me in earth and part,
You were my dear heaven,
Without you ,
the ravenous day
Is pinching me through its dry summer wind.

Monday, 20 February 2017


Together ,they are on the cliff,
The echo in the breeze,
Chants the name of their purple tree,
He ,turns ,towards her and speaks,
“Without you..I can’t breath”,
She became quite ,could sense her imbalance feet,
How much she desire to hear this cajolery,
Now she couldn’t believe this flattery,
She run through different seasons,
Failed every time to listen this declaration,
Finally ,she succumbed  to  circumscription,
No call ,can flutter her emotions,
The aroma in wind speaks some sort of fidelity,
His  face seems trustworthy,
She is dwelling with inconsistency,
How to respond ,this dialogue of courtship?

She asked innocently, how you lived previously?
He  ,politely answered, “you  were with me,
From summer to spring, with the passing wind,
I cherish you in my dreams ,I crave  you for in every peg of drink”
Hearing his expression ,she  became blind,
Now her turn to express her untold rhyme................

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Their fingers were cold, in grasp,
Of winter encounter,
Slowly and slowly getting hotter,
In realm of blazing heater,
The smoke of firewood,
Creaking sound of burner,
Fostering sensation in parameters,
The variation and the bridge of silence,
Is fragmenting coolly,
The cool breath touching two hearts,
Reminding them the pleasure of former age,
The stored soreness started evaporating,
They started inspecting their situations,
Dozing off ,the mounted displeasure,,
As soon as eyes locked, heart runs faster,
In this location ,the lovers stood immobile,
As if their voice stifle,
Eyes speak and beeping core reads the whole chapter,
Tears ,denying to finish its flow,
The quivering lips know,
These are the indications of delight,
The two parted souls connecting together after the rumble,
Shivering limbs ,face burning in desire , generating
Red fire in space to build castles in afresh,
Touch of blaze needs no gel,
They measured the scale of closed segment,
Merging bit by bit in frosty screech,
Now they ,consummated
Together, they are linked to heart.
Circumstances can't make them part......

Friday, 17 February 2017

Why so?

Hi!  My dear wind,
At times why so unruly,
Why so kind?
Day and night I wait for your sensuous touch,
Sometimes you come ,
with ample sunshine,        
At other time
The pollutants permeate eyes of mine,
I abuse optionally  acts  of thine,
You get angry ,then blocked thy rhyme,
I know ,my disorderly behaviour hurt your spine,
O dear ,I miss your flow of wine,
The sound of bullets and gunfire,
Don’t traumatise my belongings,
Your silence ,and my hot bumps,
Together creating havoc in life of mine,
I adopted methods to pass my time,
Even there you crop up to spoil me further,
So I decided to end the matter,
Why  wind you conduct  the zig zag metre.......

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Changing Colours

I  painted  the wall deep blue,
No translucent light  can come inside  the enclosure,
The  knock of ostentatious breeze is strong enough,
To  create crack on my resilient aperture,
The intensity of tap is powerful and potent,
My heart, despondent to  capitulate near you,

Rivulet of  sentiments  now decorated my horizon,
With variegated  colours,
The sands became red and deep is ink,
The shades of my pimples ,turn pink,

I find me remoulding, in loving  dreams of thee.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

If you say..........

If you say you are in love,
I expect ,the warmth in your eyes,
Softness in your lips,
Your tender heart will search,
My finest belongings,
Your pounding core,
Will beep many time to read me,
This is not madness,
It delivers the epistle of sweetness,
Believing and disbelieving is your choice,
If you believe your heart,
You are in top of world,
If your sceptical and challenging,
You will lose the keys of amiable heights,
Things will never turn its table towards your swing,
Cynical cells finds fault in every wind,
The tides of ocean is violent,
If loving is pleasant ,then waves are not turbulent,
Weather is unpredictable,
Fallacious forecasts sabotage the marvel,
Love is unconditional and not bothering,
It is based on sacrificing and trusting.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Love is magical ,
Most wonderful drug to cure ,
The ailing mass through dose of honey declaration,
Cupid ,the God of love,
Struck his arrow of rose,
To the whole world,
 from young to old,
In the month of spring , the mating ring,
Every one’s heart dance with seasonal afflict,
To  commemorate THE VALENTINE DAY with lot of conviviality,
This  day Saint Valentine was executed by Emperor Claudius-2,

The heart broken priest Valentine ‘s brief romance,
And then ,his piteous death,
Yet his faith and love  gave eyes to his dearest,  
His  pen of pain,
The sonnet , in ink of bluish red,
For the little blind beloved Julia,
 Was mystical  and pleasing,
She opened the letter,
her father delivered,
Found a note and a yellow crocus,
Written ....From your Valentine,
The girl in love regained her sight,
Seeing two words of intense strokes,,
In his memory ,she planted a pink-blossomed almond tree,
Near his grave ,to mark this day,
As a hallmark of love and faith,
Each year ,the day comes carrying,
The message of affection ,love and devotion,
Around the world  to memorise Saint Valentine’s sacrifice,
Nurturing  and expressing love in various way.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Nativity

She dare to burn her edifice,
Decided to come out from the wire of past,
Her confident words shivered the spines ,
Of cowards ,those  who  never dare,
Her silence forced her to display fire,
All the accumulated venom were ,
 Stored in unanimous stack,
Stood beside her to wipe the sheet,
She carrying from long stint,
Emerging herself from the ashes,

As an incarnation of new nativity.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

The story of skylark

The skylark in willow tree,
Singing for its amour in month of spring,
Its  inamorata is not in the scene,
Hearing the melodious wind,
Rushed flying with utmost speed,
On seeing its  mate waiting ,
The skylark realised its hot blood spouting,
The hours of partition ,which cloud the  vision,
Instantly all the pent of  emotion melting ,
 Drawing near  to clasp the indelible twinkling,
In the blanch of  deciduous sapling,
The owl in the distant scene,
Didn’t digest the catchy happening,
Changed the episode with the devil entry,
The paramour’s entrance caused misery,
The courtship of two lovers has become history,
Thread of faith and love is sinking,
The song of skylark is wimping,
Branches of willow tree trembling,
Heart broken Skylark is not weeping,  
Remained patiently for the story line changing.


Friday, 10 February 2017

Waiting for glinting day

My pole star has lost its route,
Among the dense cloud,
I  make efforts to signify its  orientation,
Probably my feeble voice is not perceptible ,
The star vanished in thicket of  fog,
Every night I expectantly wait  for its occurrence,

Never I notice my wish ,inclined preference,
When I realised my time is wasted,
First I cursed my fate ,then my perfidious mate,
Searched me in each lane ,which promote worry,
Every drops of tears and sweat,
Enlighten  me to drill   out from flurry,
I view not star in dead of night,

I decided to stand erect,
In the fiery tempest ,
Even though the bouts of spikes,
Pervaded all the way,
I find me smilingly in my gateway,
Will wait for glinting day.....

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is it easy to say bye..........

It may be easy for you to say Good Bye,
And walk a way to hide behind the wooden trunk,
Playing and selecting   colourful daffodils,
But if someday in hours of solitude,
If ever I remind to your pages of souvenir,
Just think dear .......

 What benefit  I received from you?
Moments of loneliness and suffering,
Yes, this is my Achilles heel,
My brush knew no reel,
Except you in my rim,
Started colouring my dreams in muddy,
My trust and faith is in wreck,
The rainbow has failed to deck,
The clock once moved with your brace,
Now interrupted in fussy  lay,
May it be simple for you ,
To rinse  the shades of ink, yet,
I will preserve and nurture you,
In my dreams,
Is ever any star will ask me in midnight,
I will say I am fishing you ,
In the icy breeze,
Among the cold glacier tops........

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A day of rose

I blame  the red rose,
Its intoxicating perfume,
That making me drowsy,
From morning to evening,
Hence I consider me crazy,
Nature’s aromatic grip is quite dizzy,
My ram  clogged so me dipsy,
Your ample sunshine is tipsy,
I bumble your name,
Holding the bouquet of daisy,
The fresh dew drops in morning,
Over the green grass laughs and dance,
Sings the melody  mushy,
The clear sky and the silver clouds,
Weaves the thread of silken sloppy,
The thunder in spring season,
Is lovey – dovey.......,
I love to douche in the shower of rosy  frizzy,
waited Day of rose,
Has arrived ,

Creating ripples spicy............ 

Friday, 3 February 2017


I sprinkled thoroughly the rose petals ,
On the floor,
Exclusively for you,
To prevent you from the spikes on route,
I absorb each expenditure to become close to you,
My creations were neglected,
My canvas is smashed,
By the sword ,you carried ,
The sharp edges hurt me, I am not fearful for the oozing blood,
Nor I weep for the intense pain ,
My body suffers from,
I bleed for the wounds on my core,
Your bayonet played its role,
The effect is vigorous,
Every rose petals I preserved ,
In these years is flying on high horizon,
Seeing it fleeting ,I wipe my tears.....

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hearing the cuckoo song in my grassland,
My ice stalk started melting,
The glowing dawn grins and says,
Spring is on the way,       
The chirping birds ,along with the swinging trees,
 Uttering the messages of passionate yearning,
Of two departed lovers craving to meet each other,
In the lonesome journey,
The freezing tales of moisture less wind,
Created havoc in my spine,
The tremor broke my chord,
Snatched my precious harmony,
Now when the wind has changed its direction,
My palpitation rises high,
My every heart beat sings ,
The omitted romantic couplet,
Which impregnate one time with  melodious rhyme.
The spring has come with  assuring characteristics.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


The banyan tree standing next to my property,
Is discarding its dry leaves in spring,
Its stripped bough is laughing or weeping?
I think ,like me it too is wailing,
For the green leaves, once ,saturated with green daub,
Bravo! ,my tree ,
You got power to detach the undesirable dry stalk

Behind the stone boundary,
I absorbed all the tears,
You bestowed me,
For the emotional bond and accessory,
I remain immobile,
Quenching step by step the syrup stilly,
My crown has lost its colour,
Riding on a horse back ,holding the rusted sword,
I fight and strive,
I chop down all the green dapper,
Which covered me once,
Unlike my brave tree ,
My tears are my strength and now I am free.