Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bright Day

Day by day ,the hours are hotter,
Cold night is becoming warmer,
The duration of dark is shorter,
Oh Sun! Why your impact is so faster?
 Redolent air stimulating flames in evening hours,
I  have knowledge  that sooner or later the storm will tap my door,
I wait for the windy breeze to make  me feel cooler,
Eager were my eyes ,sharp  were my snuffer,
Keenly and patiently I standby for the dropper,
His aroma has generated colourful waves in my chamber,
The crimson ray  filled my hut with abundance laughter,
My wings have become lighter,
 Confederate  of mine made the climate smoother,
Hours of waiting in sunny weather ,at times fabricates my anger,
Yet I know ,as soon as I will hear him or see him,
My days will become brighter.

1 comment:

  1. Splendid blending of love with timely narration of seasonal change, bravo.