Sunday, 26 February 2017


Every time I caution my beeping heart,
Don’t flutter much for, the sight of rose,
I caution it not to dance with wandering breeze,
Never long more than what I deserve for crop,
Nor build  citadel  of golden dreams,
Neither weep for frivolous sheep,
My fragile little heart is  conscious of the bridges,
But frequently ignored the ridges,
I heartily wish to laugh with smiths,
 My valley crave for honey, so I wreathe,
I caution my core not to mourn for days that gone,
Then also It cry for yesterday lawn,
I often caution it to live in virgin space,
But  my  heart  throbs to light my casement,
By walking in the orbit of  celestial stretch,
Clasping my fingers I often hope,
Let my heart rule not my brain,
Brain is alert ,so attentive, but  heart defy lot in fashion,
Then I wonder why I ask my bosom to walk behind caution.

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