Sunday, 19 February 2017


Their fingers were cold, in grasp,
Of winter encounter,
Slowly and slowly getting hotter,
In realm of blazing heater,
The smoke of firewood,
Creaking sound of burner,
Fostering sensation in parameters,
The variation and the bridge of silence,
Is fragmenting coolly,
The cool breath touching two hearts,
Reminding them the pleasure of former age,
The stored soreness started evaporating,
They started inspecting their situations,
Dozing off ,the mounted displeasure,,
As soon as eyes locked, heart runs faster,
In this location ,the lovers stood immobile,
As if their voice stifle,
Eyes speak and beeping core reads the whole chapter,
Tears ,denying to finish its flow,
The quivering lips know,
These are the indications of delight,
The two parted souls connecting together after the rumble,
Shivering limbs ,face burning in desire , generating
Red fire in space to build castles in afresh,
Touch of blaze needs no gel,
They measured the scale of closed segment,
Merging bit by bit in frosty screech,
Now they ,consummated
Together, they are linked to heart.
Circumstances can't make them part......

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem, again the gaps between the lines need to be cared.They made the long poem longer, might put readers to inconvenience. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN.