Saturday, 25 February 2017

Dont say bye

Spring! Don’t wave your hands ,
To say me bye,
It will be difficult for me to wait,
Another long year to colour myself in your dye,
Within your short stay ,
you imprinted your stamp on my frame,
Little did you know ,your  impact is stirring and imposing,
Every second my thought  dwell for  your empathy,
The newly sprouted leaves long for familiarity,
Have you imagined ,your absence will drown me in misery,
Is it easy to flower my base in anxiety?
Fresh florets and swinging posy linger to bloom ,
In my garden of delicacy,
With out you ,what will happen to their solidarity?
I don’t want to lose my grip of  intimacy,
You stubborn spring ,ready  to detach yourself from my  conformity,
If summer is determined to come,
To ascend your throne,
O spring dear ,come soon to sprinkle your dew on my dry vine,
Because your rhyme will trigger  green to my mead.

1 comment:

  1. The summer will come but the imprint of the spring will ever be there. Nice pen.