Monday, 20 February 2017


Together ,they are on the cliff,
The echo in the breeze,
Chants the name of their purple tree,
He ,turns ,towards her and speaks,
“Without you..I can’t breath”,
She became quite ,could sense her imbalance feet,
How much she desire to hear this cajolery,
Now she couldn’t believe this flattery,
She run through different seasons,
Failed every time to listen this declaration,
Finally ,she succumbed  to  circumscription,
No call ,can flutter her emotions,
The aroma in wind speaks some sort of fidelity,
His  face seems trustworthy,
She is dwelling with inconsistency,
How to respond ,this dialogue of courtship?

She asked innocently, how you lived previously?
He  ,politely answered, “you  were with me,
From summer to spring, with the passing wind,
I cherish you in my dreams ,I crave  you for in every peg of drink”
Hearing his expression ,she  became blind,
Now her turn to express her untold rhyme................

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