Thursday, 23 February 2017

Gift of sun

Dear Sun,
Your luminous rays have tanned my tone,
 I implemented  various  methods to erase the burn,
The glimmer is  astounding and,
The  contact gifted me a   phenomenal glow,
The application of  masks couldn’t hide ,
The reddening  show,
When the white flowers ask me about the drab,
I fumble and then said, It’s because of the gleam of remarkable Sun,
Though it ,initially  pleasant ,subsequently hurts,
Listening  my words,
The juicy watermelon wails,
“the sunshine too enhanced my  presence,
I quench the thirst of burning personages’,
The brownish skin tone have its effect,
Loving souls were not conscious of resemblance,
They were joined  by alliance,
Sun plays an integral part to magnify my countenance,
Gifted me a beautiful nourishment.

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