Wednesday, 15 February 2017

If you say..........

If you say you are in love,
I expect ,the warmth in your eyes,
Softness in your lips,
Your tender heart will search,
My finest belongings,
Your pounding core,
Will beep many time to read me,
This is not madness,
It delivers the epistle of sweetness,
Believing and disbelieving is your choice,
If you believe your heart,
You are in top of world,
If your sceptical and challenging,
You will lose the keys of amiable heights,
Things will never turn its table towards your swing,
Cynical cells finds fault in every wind,
The tides of ocean is violent,
If loving is pleasant ,then waves are not turbulent,
Weather is unpredictable,
Fallacious forecasts sabotage the marvel,
Love is unconditional and not bothering,
It is based on sacrificing and trusting.

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