Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Is it easy to say bye..........

It may be easy for you to say Good Bye,
And walk a way to hide behind the wooden trunk,
Playing and selecting   colourful daffodils,
But if someday in hours of solitude,
If ever I remind to your pages of souvenir,
Just think dear .......

 What benefit  I received from you?
Moments of loneliness and suffering,
Yes, this is my Achilles heel,
My brush knew no reel,
Except you in my rim,
Started colouring my dreams in muddy,
My trust and faith is in wreck,
The rainbow has failed to deck,
The clock once moved with your brace,
Now interrupted in fussy  lay,
May it be simple for you ,
To rinse  the shades of ink, yet,
I will preserve and nurture you,
In my dreams,
Is ever any star will ask me in midnight,
I will say I am fishing you ,
In the icy breeze,
Among the cold glacier tops........

1 comment:

  1. Nice write, put the picture above, it is breaking the sentences and disturbing the reading.