Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Summer wind..

The dry summer wind entered through my door,
Made me realise ,I am alone in my floor,
The lonely hours recaptured some thoughts,
Of us ,when  we engross in endless discourse,
Hours fly ,we never say bye,
May be we  love each others’  sweet company,
More than what’s happening  around the globe,
Least bothered for others ,thinking  we are enough together,
Time’s wing made us swirl in different facets of ring,
Every time we come out swing,
Happily ,singing and dancing  in each other’s cling
Even sorrow dare not touch our outline,
Honey moments passed so fast,
The colour of my sky changed  its tint,
Deep blue to crimson dark,
You left me in earth and part,
You were my dear heaven,
Without you ,
the ravenous day
Is pinching me through its dry summer wind.

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