Saturday, 11 February 2017

The story of skylark

The skylark in willow tree,
Singing for its amour in month of spring,
Its  inamorata is not in the scene,
Hearing the melodious wind,
Rushed flying with utmost speed,
On seeing its  mate waiting ,
The skylark realised its hot blood spouting,
The hours of partition ,which cloud the  vision,
Instantly all the pent of  emotion melting ,
 Drawing near  to clasp the indelible twinkling,
In the blanch of  deciduous sapling,
The owl in the distant scene,
Didn’t digest the catchy happening,
Changed the episode with the devil entry,
The paramour’s entrance caused misery,
The courtship of two lovers has become history,
Thread of faith and love is sinking,
The song of skylark is wimping,
Branches of willow tree trembling,
Heart broken Skylark is not weeping,  
Remained patiently for the story line changing.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful change of theme, bravo the word that can be given.