Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Love is magical ,
Most wonderful drug to cure ,
The ailing mass through dose of honey declaration,
Cupid ,the God of love,
Struck his arrow of rose,
To the whole world,
 from young to old,
In the month of spring , the mating ring,
Every one’s heart dance with seasonal afflict,
To  commemorate THE VALENTINE DAY with lot of conviviality,
This  day Saint Valentine was executed by Emperor Claudius-2,

The heart broken priest Valentine ‘s brief romance,
And then ,his piteous death,
Yet his faith and love  gave eyes to his dearest,  
His  pen of pain,
The sonnet , in ink of bluish red,
For the little blind beloved Julia,
 Was mystical  and pleasing,
She opened the letter,
her father delivered,
Found a note and a yellow crocus,
Written ....From your Valentine,
The girl in love regained her sight,
Seeing two words of intense strokes,,
In his memory ,she planted a pink-blossomed almond tree,
Near his grave ,to mark this day,
As a hallmark of love and faith,
Each year ,the day comes carrying,
The message of affection ,love and devotion,
Around the world  to memorise Saint Valentine’s sacrifice,
Nurturing  and expressing love in various way.


  1. Well narrated story, actually its difficult to narrate a story in poem, good job.