Friday, 10 February 2017

Waiting for glinting day

My pole star has lost its route,
Among the dense cloud,
I  make efforts to signify its  orientation,
Probably my feeble voice is not perceptible ,
The star vanished in thicket of  fog,
Every night I expectantly wait  for its occurrence,

Never I notice my wish ,inclined preference,
When I realised my time is wasted,
First I cursed my fate ,then my perfidious mate,
Searched me in each lane ,which promote worry,
Every drops of tears and sweat,
Enlighten  me to drill   out from flurry,
I view not star in dead of night,

I decided to stand erect,
In the fiery tempest ,
Even though the bouts of spikes,
Pervaded all the way,
I find me smilingly in my gateway,
Will wait for glinting day.....

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