Friday, 17 February 2017

Why so?

Hi!  My dear wind,
At times why so unruly,
Why so kind?
Day and night I wait for your sensuous touch,
Sometimes you come ,
with ample sunshine,        
At other time
The pollutants permeate eyes of mine,
I abuse optionally  acts  of thine,
You get angry ,then blocked thy rhyme,
I know ,my disorderly behaviour hurt your spine,
O dear ,I miss your flow of wine,
The sound of bullets and gunfire,
Don’t traumatise my belongings,
Your silence ,and my hot bumps,
Together creating havoc in life of mine,
I adopted methods to pass my time,
Even there you crop up to spoil me further,
So I decided to end the matter,
Why  wind you conduct  the zig zag metre.......

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