Friday, 31 March 2017

Shinning Stars 2

Standing under the vast blue yonder,
I wonder,
For the shinning grandeur,
Their lustre dazzles in night hours,
Spreads the romantic light for the lovers,
Thousand beeping heart wait eagerly to get momentary pleasure,
To exchange their devotion to one  another,
Oh dear stars! Please be my messenger,
Carry my letters of pink to my lover,
Waiting in the other side of dark corner,
Brighten him ,cheer him,
Through your sparkling colour,
Deliver him the words of deep fathom,
Your  light  is aware of  every nook,
Share my words  through your elegant ray.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Gift

The door bell rang,
Energetically I jump to
Unlock the door for the courier man,
He delivered me the consigned packet,
With a thumping heart,
I unwrap the wrapped,
Found familiar ink,
Written for me,
Through the sketch of red,
The bundle of words,
Gladden me ,moistening me,
I wipe my tears of delight,
My white hanky now smells dainty,
The aroma coming from the alphabets,
Doused my senses to indulge in fantasy,
I clasped it in my hand ,
To cherish myself,
With the golden words
Of a familiar hand.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

When You Are With Me

When you are with me,
The hard sphere of my macrocosm look pleased,
My verse weaves with the dint of ecstatic strings,
All my creations seems contented with bliss,
the euphoric music gathered more power to my wings,
The knock of spring is audible in summer breeze,
The blue yonder seems alluring with flashing clouds,
I swim in air without fins,
But when winter entered my life,
Your traces I couldn’t get in the frosty wind,
Fervently I dig every field,
To get a glance of my mirth,
Without you my days forgot to smile,
My landscape is barren,
Throughout the day I do nothing,
Except search you in meadows ,
Call your name and hear the echoes,
So come soon my dew,
To erase my thirst in Summer noon.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Moon- The Eyewitness

I  wander in terrace to watch the night sky,
The silent Moon is  changing its tincture,
Playing smoothly among the dark clouds,
Refashioning  its tint in every second,
In every direction,
 I wonder about the modification,
We exchange our words through ,
The cool flash ,through the sparking stars,
Making me thoughtful ,so I start,
Romancing with the dark space,

The carpet of white flash brightened my memory,
Reminding me about the laughter and pleasure,
We share  under the dim heaven,
Moon then would often shy,
 Then hide among the blue  clouds,

Now I search those hours of bask
In the companion of  glimmering stars,
Moon is the eye witness of each stage,
So I open my cage in front of her rays,
I count time ,thinking you in my rhyme,
Again when to  meet as two divine lives.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

I Am Thankful

Why we always see the sharp edges,
In the immutable universe,
Why we get disturbed in the hours of gratification,
Culminating a seed of dubiety in every jurisdiction,
Behind the dark cloud , there is the blue horizon,
All this we should realise while sipping the beauty of purification,
Carrying dirt in bag ,we cannot judge distillation,
Love thyself ,believe thyself,
spread the message of brotherhood among ourself,
Then see the wonder ,
See the beauty of magical yonder,
Our atmosphere will become green instead of red slumber,
I am thankful to almighty ,
For adding a flower each day in our ladder.
For blessing us every day with shinning dawn of splendour.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

You In My Rhyme

Some how I miss the smile of melodious brook,
When I see the silent rock,
My body didn’t get the goose bumps ,yet,
My heart search your foot prints in the favourite spot ,
Fervently and ardently than before,
Every flash backs reminds me with itched thoughts,
I divert my route from your pomp,
Consciously and careful enough to not get perturbed,
With all those feelings attached to,
The echo in my inner dwelling recites no other song,
Except you in every platform,
The wind says ,you will not come back to touch my base,
My mind accepts the fact,
Alas! I cannot explain this to my stubborn core,
Whose rhyme is you.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Poetry is a jumbled words for many,
For some high rising eye brows ,
an intellectual script uncanny,
For them...
Some mysterious words play in a rally,
Sorry for them,
They have not  tasted the honey,
The emotional lines bore a splendid allegory,
Poets use imagery,metaphors,simile,oxymoron,
Personification,irony, to hide themselves in the magical dance,
Of  meandering lines with their sensitive touch of creative brush,
Using it they carve their best,
To express their views to guide the rest,
The history speaks ,
How poetry generated fire from young to old?
How the war started and how it fold?
Poetry plays a significant role.
Poetry for me is a cup of red wine,
Through it I unleash   my stress ,
And then I am fine,
Poetry is the scoop of sweet ice,
When tasted ,demand increases in platelets.

Monday, 20 March 2017


I ask myself “will I care for the butterfly”?
Will I nurture its colour in my paintings?
Will I keep it’s aromas pristine in my bosom?
Or I will drive it out from my greenhouse?
I promised myself not to get carried away,
with the reflecting images of mirage,
But every time I find the butterfly,
Flying inside my likeness,
Painting my imagination with divergent images,
That I carry throughout the day ,
So also in starry nights ,
Keeping me wide awake to see my speculation,
Among the vast empty spaces of dark sky,
I shriek in my musing,
But no escape ,
The butterfly dances in my oasis ,
Elegantly and more beautifully in my sketches.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tone of endearment

The loud voice of your silence,
Is audible to my hearing.
Each alphabets beneath the mask,
Creating  waves to my secret bower,
It’s soothing lyre generating ripples ,
To my autonomic nervous system,
I could feel the click of  your heel,
Scent of your breath from the rustling leaves,
The aromatic air   is kissing my garden,
With flowering petals,
The chilling wind, slowly creeping to my inmost cell ,
To gather colour to my dreams,
With the effect of exhilarating musing,
Days are hotter and night more cooler,
The hot flushes on my neurons ,
Quietly  whispering the tone of endearment,

Saturday, 18 March 2017


Morning comes shedding the veil of dim light,
Every particle of earthly base grins with the Sun’s blushing sight,
The cool crystal Moon hide beneath the dazzling light,
Silently ,no muttering,
To shine again in evening ,along with stars by its side.

The darkness of night welcomes the shinning light in delight,
As the blaze hits the rock,sea and mountain range,
The reflections of river flow shimmers bright,
Forgetting all the yesterdays blackening sight,
The silver waves of ocean dash the shore upright,
All the positive energy became active in broad day light,
Morning comes......,
With handful of laughter ,
Ignoring the previous scoop of tear spilling night,

Friday, 17 March 2017

How and when

How and when ,
Often two associated words ,
Comes to me as question mark,
I knew no answer to this puzzle,
Only wonder ,how it happened?
And when is occurred?

Little did I know some way or other ,
The touch of your spring,
Erupted lava from the sleeping volcano,
Camouflage inside, its existence,
Lying dormant ,for sometime,
Betwixt the mountain span,
The engulfing fire of amalgamation,
Melted the heavy bosom of condensation.

Our sky is beyond its limit,
Our bond reaches the deep blue oblivion,
Of a strange and mysterious understanding,
We measure the depth of our reddening,
With abundance faith and doting,
The strings of two hearts stitched ,together,
Taking the help of rosy dreams and chilling wind,
Our flute sings the sweetest rhyme,
Questioning how and when ,it happened to you two.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Hopefully we will meet in the dark firmament,
Hopefully  cloud ‘s conscientious shield will not obstruct  our rotation,
In the deepest field of vision,
 We will play with every strands of our fluff,
Here we will fondle  our thoughts to rise above the horizon,
Towards the vast  universe ,
Towards the empty spaces of  galaxy,
Towards the countless stars and constellations,
Where we the super riders, of visualisation will paint our world ,
With the help of golden brush and drab a picture of red fancy,
The world of fantasy will led us dive in ocean of reddish blue,
Our Earth may grieve, as we left her stick around with avid eyes,
The pleasure of flying with the riddles of unsolved problems,
Is quite  a novel occurrence,
Our yearning lips pleased to  taste  the  sweetness of creativity,
More pleasant ,more aromatic ,than the sugary syrup of candy,
Vacant mind with eager eyes hopeful every hour to build a castle of stupor,
Amidst the clouds of  deep blue with you by my side.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


O spring! we will miss you,
When you will leave us saying adieu,
Wave not your tender hands
To say us bye,
Promise to come soon after every season’s periodic round.
The newly sprouted leaves shed their tears as dew,
The green grassland well explore moisture in gale,
Cuckoo will hunt for refreshing breath.
Marigold hums beauteously in season’s best.
Jasmine buds bewitchingly vegetate in dancing whiff,
The clear blue sky designs the dais for fairy likeness,
Saplings are ready to germinate the flowers,
Bitter Margosa(neem tree) ‘s newly shoot up buds,
And the invigorating air in the crowded concrete lanes,
The platform for lovers and their loving tales,
Are all charmed by you,
Greatly bedazzled, so we don’t want to leave you,
O Dear Spring! Your retreat though torturing.
Your impressions are long lasting....

Monday, 13 March 2017

Your Strokes

Many times I immerse myself in silence,
To brighten the shades of my thumping streaks,
Every stroke of throbbing beats,
Enhances your colour deeply in my canvas sheet,
I paint you in silence, nurture you in quietness,
By taking help of glowing Sun.
In the morning silence ,you wink to my pages,
With your beautiful and intoxicating smile,
My joy knew no bounds when you sweetly creep ,
Wishing me, good morning in your style,
Heart starts dancing , reddening me with each blow of your ink,
I count seconds ,to dabble my eccentric pulse,
With your laughter and, wait patiently for,
your presence , that enumerate tint to my flaming brush,
The alluvial words flow unlike the watercourse of holy cascade,
Less bothering of hurdles in the rocky basement,
The stream swiftly travelling from stars of magical casement ,
Then to the roaring waves of blue ocean,
Every time I feel you in me,
Your strokes enchanting
And enmeshing your impression
To fill colour in my life.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Tea hour

You didn’t come last night”,
He said in a grumpy tone,
When she felt the tweak of blaze from his voice,
She realised her fault,
Waiting is pinching ,
so this engendered his annoyance,

 very well remarkable in today’s etiquette,
“O! Me  sorry ,did you wait for me”,
She poured chill water to cool his rage,
“Yes! I did ,waited for you whole night,
Sipping tea to obviate sleep ,so that,
I f  you come, I will greet you with steaming tea,

You know  tea hour ,is our hour of happiness,
Because its our time to share ,so I care”,
She  knew all this ,pretended as if unaware,
Cleverly avoided the topic of fire,

Carefully knitted the lines of euphoria,
His volcano melted and vanished ,
With the steam of tea,
She ,smilingly accepted the hot flavoured much awaited tea.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Will You Understand?

My tears are red,
Dim in colour and solid,
Every droplets carry hundredth anecdote,
After preserving it forever and a day,
I let it  trickle to de-stress slowly in its way,

My organs are jaded,
My eyes need abundance doze,
My stomach churning for nutritious dose,
The dark circles under my eyes demands some erasing cream,
I know I am declining because of thee.

Every hour ,minutes ,second ,I  promise,
I will not see or care for those buds,
Which I nurtured in me up to now
The flashback of yesterday’s tingling passion,
Hurts me with tantalising ache,

I heard gospel ,not to get carried away with infatuation,
 I know ,my condition  is worsen due to this situation,
Weather you come back to my life or not,
I don’t bother, this I say in public,

To present myself brave in assembly,
Yet my inner chamber knocks uncontrollably,
For you invariably in every throb of mine,

Will you ever understand my happening?

Monday, 6 March 2017


Believe me.....
I will not look back,
To see the dry hedges desiccated in drought,
Nor I want to be motionless Or
Play with the shadow of barren tree,
Neither I wish to laugh through my chapped lips,
My limbs force me to look ahead,
In search of eternal spring,
Where Cuckoo never stops its hymn,
The fresh air will permeate me with gaudy chirruping,
Every day with melody of abiding flowering.
I will hold the trigger of my course of action,
Will not allow anyone to over power me through his reaction,
Hope my hey-day will soon arrive,
Every one will accept me with adorable vibes.
I promise to bring spring in month of May,
Probably partially but still I will try,
Believe me.....I..
Will try to connect the thread
From past to present in a glorious way.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Do I Have To Prove?

Do I have to prove me, 
I have excelled in my margin or not?

Every one judged me by my looks,
Ever imagined, apart from a thing of grace,
Or isolating me from the stamp?
Lady with smiling brace,
I belong to a humane race,
I am my own, my priority is not my dress,
My dreams ,my vision is similar to virile quest,
I don’t want to remain in veil,
Drape myself in blanket of traditionalist gel,
Or gather a certificate of good adding to my concept,
In order to prove my best,
My wings flutter to rise high ,higher than the sky,
Wish to land in Moon,
Safely ,securely ,then I will give the message of solace,
To all my friends.
A lady is safely landed without much help,
Earth and its domain will surely receive me with honour,
After all, am I not their Mother ,Sister ,Spouse or Daughter?
The adorable wedge in this hemisphere,
Consider me with faith and love,
I will prove myself best like the Sun.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


Yesterday night ,the dark cloud ,cloud my doze,
Wide awake with your thought,
The cherishing  words you converse with me,
They are true or not?
Is this my infatuation ?
Or my fascination for you,
Which  pulled me towards you,
I  hang around  from dusk to dawn,
Climbed my stair-case in the  mid of gloom,
In all quarters, I find  you ,
captivating me through your style,
Hurting me inside, whether me not flying with kites,
Or your feelings same as mine?
Oh! time to end the reel of confusion,
I became determined to find my solution, so,
As soon as the first ray will touch the lawn,
I will clarify my delusion?

Friday, 3 March 2017


Your entrance to my orbit,
Created furore  to my silent  circle,
Gently  your laughter and humour     
Added colour to my shadow,
Your water vapour  melted all  ice in the air,
I started waiting for  bright sunlight,
Every morning more anxiously than ever,
The sweet familiarity brightened my structure,
My blow out energy regained a new vigour,
Day became lovely with your honey,
Starry nights most pleasurable with sweet memories,
Your bouquet of rose is more precious than any jewellery,
Every hour the sparkle of pearl radiated with opulence,
My conscience  knew ,its you ! because of this difference,
The world of mine regained greenness,
My dreams bloomed with freshness,
I count minutes ,seconds, hours to meet you in swinging  vortex,
Together we enjoyed numberless ecstatic seconds,

Yet my greedy eyes search you  incessantly in  firmament.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Did I Ever Promise?

Did I ever promise?
The  partly brimming earthen pot will never break,
I admit ,it quenches the thirst in the sunny morn,
When  rain adorn the place of humid noon,
I  observed moths adulterating the water,
The pure ,cool aqua loses  its original colour ,hence the flavour,
Despite  that my dedication,
 towards it, is unflustered,
I preserved it in my lane,
Protected it from violator,
Very careful about intruders,
Some stroke may harm the soothing booster,
Day by day ,the pot demanded  for renovation,
I saw cracks, mended timely,
With an awareness ,a smooth tap  is enough to lay it in segments,
Intervened it in each hour
In case it breaks ,I can restore  it through weaver,
All my hard work is in stave,
The earthen pot crumbled to wrecks,
All of a sudden ,you come to stage,
Accuse me ,a felon,
And I am responsible for changing dawn?
Have I  promised you ,the fractured fictile will never break.....