Friday, 17 March 2017

How and when

How and when ,
Often two associated words ,
Comes to me as question mark,
I knew no answer to this puzzle,
Only wonder ,how it happened?
And when is occurred?

Little did I know some way or other ,
The touch of your spring,
Erupted lava from the sleeping volcano,
Camouflage inside, its existence,
Lying dormant ,for sometime,
Betwixt the mountain span,
The engulfing fire of amalgamation,
Melted the heavy bosom of condensation.

Our sky is beyond its limit,
Our bond reaches the deep blue oblivion,
Of a strange and mysterious understanding,
We measure the depth of our reddening,
With abundance faith and doting,
The strings of two hearts stitched ,together,
Taking the help of rosy dreams and chilling wind,
Our flute sings the sweetest rhyme,
Questioning how and when ,it happened to you two.

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