Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Poetry is a jumbled words for many,
For some high rising eye brows ,
an intellectual script uncanny,
For them...
Some mysterious words play in a rally,
Sorry for them,
They have not  tasted the honey,
The emotional lines bore a splendid allegory,
Poets use imagery,metaphors,simile,oxymoron,
Personification,irony, to hide themselves in the magical dance,
Of  meandering lines with their sensitive touch of creative brush,
Using it they carve their best,
To express their views to guide the rest,
The history speaks ,
How poetry generated fire from young to old?
How the war started and how it fold?
Poetry plays a significant role.
Poetry for me is a cup of red wine,
Through it I unleash   my stress ,
And then I am fine,
Poetry is the scoop of sweet ice,
When tasted ,demand increases in platelets.


  1. Poetry for me is medium of expressing some natural feelings, in a spontaneous way. Your poem is a nice one.

  2. Very nice page you made.This write is a very mature one.Use of modern imagery made it more beautiful.