Tuesday, 28 March 2017

When You Are With Me

When you are with me,
The hard sphere of my macrocosm look pleased,
My verse weaves with the dint of ecstatic strings,
All my creations seems contented with bliss,
the euphoric music gathered more power to my wings,
The knock of spring is audible in summer breeze,
The blue yonder seems alluring with flashing clouds,
I swim in air without fins,
But when winter entered my life,
Your traces I couldn’t get in the frosty wind,
Fervently I dig every field,
To get a glance of my mirth,
Without you my days forgot to smile,
My landscape is barren,
Throughout the day I do nothing,
Except search you in meadows ,
Call your name and hear the echoes,
So come soon my dew,
To erase my thirst in Summer noon.


  1. Excellent, is the word enough to appreciate this poem? No. Keep creating such flows.

  2. lovely write,echoes every where..........