Wednesday, 22 March 2017

You In My Rhyme

Some how I miss the smile of melodious brook,
When I see the silent rock,
My body didn’t get the goose bumps ,yet,
My heart search your foot prints in the favourite spot ,
Fervently and ardently than before,
Every flash backs reminds me with itched thoughts,
I divert my route from your pomp,
Consciously and careful enough to not get perturbed,
With all those feelings attached to,
The echo in my inner dwelling recites no other song,
Except you in every platform,
The wind says ,you will not come back to touch my base,
My mind accepts the fact,
Alas! I cannot explain this to my stubborn core,
Whose rhyme is you.


  1. Nice poem,"Whose rhyme is you". splendid
    keep on

  2. You must care about gaps between the lines.