Sunday, 30 April 2017


O Wind !thou art bring yourself,
The sweetness of cool tinge,
Saturate me with all thy blessed constituents,
Erase the sultriness of dry summer,
Spread thine wings to every inch of hemisphere,
Give us some cherished moments to live in,
Connect us in a thread of fondness, so that, 
Each of us will got to know your greatness,
Linking our heart and soul to thy bosom of sentiments,
hence,I am sure,
Our mother Earth will not grieve for the culminating bitterness,
We are generating among ourselves,
Let thy shower evanescent the fear of war,
Bloodshed and hatred prevailing among the gender class, 
The unreliability in relationship blisters humanity, 
I cry not to soothe myself,
I cry for the dome that suffers from such narrowness,
Bring with thee ,
Elements to rebuild the structure with a new phenomena,
With your little effort ,
We will prosper and groom our own self to a better lineage.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Craftsman

Every rock bears the inscriptions,
Of your sweet fragrance,
Through your sturdy hands
You mastered the art to make ,
Impressive the artefact,
I searched your feelings,
Playing in your hammer ,
to gravel it, in the huge stones,
The design shrieks with intense pain,
Every line carved with powerful emotion,
Chants of your unflinching passion,
your honest devotion to perfection,
Smoothly you crave, smoothly you hide tears,
Smoothly you paint your laughter,
The etching sound echo in the meadows,
The lines wrought by shovel,
Remarkably visible from distant places,
People didn’t visualise your depth,
They stress on the laurels you achieved,
But I assume your traumatic state,
That nourished your craving to an adorable stage.

Water bodies

My heart don’t flutter for the sight,
Of bubbles in the lagoon,
I am not swayed with the silvery simmering vapour,
My decision is to remain calm,
Unlike the barricaded water source,
Encircling the dam,
I prefer to walk alone in the concrete bridge,
The water source though less in quantity,
In summer
Blocked my route,
I swirl around the turbine wheel,
Expectantly waiting for the flood water,
To release my blocked source,
To rush and flow in vast landscape,
With a promise to never look back,
With a pledge, enough is enough,
And I assume,
Route measuring the depth of life,
Still bears the essence of fairy tale.


 When the sun said bye,
My sky looked for your “hi “,
Because of you,
my world changed its dimension ,
So I wait for your arrival ,
after the hectic routine of survival,
to fill my kingdom with your giggles ,
So that when I sleep,
you will come to my dreams,
As a bewitching fairy with flowers in my honour,
It is true that when,
you say good-bye and sweet dreams,
My world wishes to hold you little longer,
you promise me to come as dew,
Every morning to refresh me,
with your sweet aroma..
,But ......when,
I try every night to sleep with your smile,
stars became my friends and,
the Moon is aware of my hours of rest,
I wait eagerly ,for the next shy dawn.


Why so?.
To answer your puzzle,
My words  scuffle,
I search in my dictionary ,
which are,
Crowded  with confabulations,
Myself fumble
Seeing me,You nudge once more,
Why so?
Your water stirrup,
Your sketch brightens up,
Your  heart beats rises to fly up,
Your fast breath is difficult to hold up,
Your reflections glows like radiant star,
Tell me why ?
 my answer lacks expression,
Just said “it happened with out any reason”
I don’t know the answer of “how” and “why it occurred"?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Butterfly in my land

Butterfly,I am,
Surprised to see your dance,
In my barren land, all of a sudden,
Emergence of fountain,
Greeted my pasture with sweet tone,
Birds started chirping,
Flowers blossomed with smile,
My days became bright
I now wait for cool night,
To make friends with stars upright,
The aroma of white jasmine doused my sight,
Colourful clouds in heaven were my plight,
I love dreaming day and night,
My wings became light,
Wanted to fly as kite,
To wander in the fathomless oblivion,
Singing song for my cherished butterfly,
I hope ,you butterfly will understand my state of mind.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Eyes speak

Your entrance in the auditorium,
Caused furore to my deliberation,
My eyes followed you in every position,
Quietly we exchanged glance,
Through it we expressed million words,
The words of silence ring in our hearts,
The melody was loud,
Blood flow rush to my countenance,
To enhance my glow with reddish hue,
We parted ,with lots questions,
Lingering in our mind,
Lips decided to remain silent,
But our eyes sings striking lines,
To make it notable in our album time.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Sparkles of flare

Today  weather  is hot,
Humidity is high,
Caged inside the cosy wall,
Of  air conditioner ,
I  dream  of-
Melodious cool  breeze and
To enjoy the  icy shower,
Which  will soothe me  and my bower ,
Your thoughts have generated fire,
As your indifference gloom my flyer,
Memories of yesterdays causing pain of acute layers,
But you know, my sweat sings thy lyre,
Perhaps you are not aware,
But I still take care,

To nurture you in my sparkles of flare.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

You Are In My Poem

My ink whispers your name,
You are in my pen,
My lines sparkles with your colour,
Each alphabet is aware of your flavour,
My verse may run from stiff mountain cliff,
To deep roaring ocean,
I carry your thoughts  with abundance passion,
My feelings are pure as mountain dew,
So they hide you in puzzles few,
The connection is platonic, and,
Strong is the binding,
I fantasise you  while walking,
Running, singing and dancing,
Your gracious presence enhances my words,
My pledge is to weave you as a garland in grace.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Patiently Waiting

Every day when the Moon ascends its throne,
I wait for you .....
Very patiently
That you will come like a star,
To  conquer me,
With you my night will smile,
My dreams  will sing melody fine,
 My heart will leap thousand miles,
But when I don’t hear your rhyme,
I can’t blink for a  single time,
My  heart weaves  coir of ode,
My core snivels with  your thought,
Then again I wait for
You in the crimson dawn,
To hear your  footsteps,
Among the  dancing fawn,
I feel  you in the dewy floor,
I see your reflection in the blushing Sky,
With every silent hour my heart mourns,
My beat says It’s you ,my dear,
Come soon, I want to hear your knock.
To share my state of disgust.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Broken Crayons

My adorable crayons were broken,
By falling from a certain height,
I was very vigilant about it,
Preserved  those in my drawers,
Used them when I needed,
Within a second, the scattered pieces of crayons
Were on the floor.

My attachment with each colour,
Dive me to despair,
I couldn’t control my tears,
Bent down to pick the bits,
The messy floor is difficult to clean,
The more I sweep,
The more I found the scattered pieces.

With a strong willpower ,
I attempted to fill colours,
To my sketch ,
To make it look beautiful
With the help of broken crayons.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Heap Of Stones

Standing beside the debris,
Of  sand stones,
Started counting each stone,
From top to bottom,
One by one measured the thickness,
Its intensity and depth of hardcore,
Each brick sings 
The tone of treachery
And betrayal,
My wobbling steps cry,
This is not fair.
Why am I to be punished ?
Why this warfare?
The seeds I planted,
With  lots of hope,
Dried in the hot sun.
My feet could feel the pinch of hard rocks,
The  dust in the air ,
Cloud my goal,
My eyes lack tears,
Blinks time to time,
Reminding me,
Time has come ,
To purify the atmosphere,
But... I am helpless,
I cannot do anything,
Except from standing near the heap of stones.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Are you still with me ?

Today my brain instructed my body,
To release all the stored toxins,
And become light  ,
To fly high in sky,
 Hence I decided to be firm,
Nourished my roots,
With a hope ,I will  not look back,
To see my reflection in the same mirror,
Each time , the images intensify  ,
With  fervent colour,            
The pledge I  took ,
Evaporates  in thin air,
Again my mind cloud,
With the  your thought,
Are you still with me?
So your presence delights my air,
So my sweat is unable to release the fleck.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Shinning Stars

 The dazzling beauties are in duty,
An armour to firmament,,
Spreads their lights as soon as the Sun retires from duty,
After the hot and humid noon,
Dusk is blessed with bright moon,
With countless twinkling bodies,
Caress tender souls,
Rejuvenates fanatical hearts.
They shield the dim sky with their glittering veil.

From obscurity of deep space,
I search my roots ,
Seeing every star ,I guess ,
May be you are among those blazing buzz,
I then build castles in air ,
Reading your letters of love,
In open air,
I fantasise many things smiling ,
And whispering soft words to me,
The magical words ring sweetly,
Blush me,
So I wait for night to come,
To meet my star in my fantasy kingdom.