Monday, 3 April 2017

Shinning Stars

 The dazzling beauties are in duty,
An armour to firmament,,
Spreads their lights as soon as the Sun retires from duty,
After the hot and humid noon,
Dusk is blessed with bright moon,
With countless twinkling bodies,
Caress tender souls,
Rejuvenates fanatical hearts.
They shield the dim sky with their glittering veil.

From obscurity of deep space,
I search my roots ,
Seeing every star ,I guess ,
May be you are among those blazing buzz,
I then build castles in air ,
Reading your letters of love,
In open air,
I fantasise many things smiling ,
And whispering soft words to me,
The magical words ring sweetly,
Blush me,
So I wait for night to come,
To meet my star in my fantasy kingdom.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful write poetess, but will you care about the gaps to make it more beautiful?