Sunday, 30 April 2017


O Wind !thou art bring yourself,
The sweetness of cool tinge,
Saturate me with all thy blessed constituents,
Erase the sultriness of dry summer,
Spread thine wings to every inch of hemisphere,
Give us some cherished moments to live in,
Connect us in a thread of fondness, so that, 
Each of us will got to know your greatness,
Linking our heart and soul to thy bosom of sentiments,
hence,I am sure,
Our mother Earth will not grieve for the culminating bitterness,
We are generating among ourselves,
Let thy shower evanescent the fear of war,
Bloodshed and hatred prevailing among the gender class, 
The unreliability in relationship blisters humanity, 
I cry not to soothe myself,
I cry for the dome that suffers from such narrowness,
Bring with thee ,
Elements to rebuild the structure with a new phenomena,
With your little effort ,
We will prosper and groom our own self to a better lineage.

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