Monday, 29 May 2017


During my sleep, you come to my dreams,
With  your heavenly performance  and fragrant breeze,
A whiff of air that touch my cheeks reminds me,
Of our essence of bond  that never cease,

We  are alive when together, and alive in dreams,
Because we can only hear the roaring waves,
Which fastens  our heart rates, while silent is our lips,
Our eyes dance, eye lashes sing, quivering lips silent,
When the  lane is blocked by humming  bees,

In the dark night, like a  firefly  you come to my sky,
To douse me through your faint light,
That lightens my dark island with your aromatic breeze.
Here we stay in fairy land ,the land of pink,
No one parts ,here we only share our hearts.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Dear Brother

Dear brother !
These are,
Especially few words meant for you,
Being your sister ,I can add adjectives in favour of you,
But don’t forget I always act as a critic to you,
I t’s for your betterment ,that you judge from your point of view,
You are my handsome bro, witty and dashing that’s sure,
An adorable personality with good managerial qualities,
For this I am proud of you,
And I believe if any thing happens to me,
You will be definitely sacrifice two drops of tears,
We brought up together,
Fighting ,quarrelling , teasing is our regular procedure,
our relation is based on believe and faith for one another,
This is the kinship .........we care ,we rely,
A bond of union, developed from birth, 
Because our parents groomed us together,
This is the reason when you pull my legs,
And I pull your legs ,we forgive each other,
this is so profound and pure,
Now when we are in diverged route,
My feelings for you as a sister has never changed,
I pray for your well being ,
Tons of best wishes for your career,
Shine and make others shine ,
Through your consortium.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


When the cloud cannonade in the humid noon,
I wait for the  rain standing in my dome,
When the thunder roar,
I try to hear my foreshore,
You sneak stealthily  ,
When the lightening flashes in the dark sky,
You flash in my inward eye,
Smiling  jubilantly from  the  pictures   forlorn,
I hear  sigh from the drops falling on,
The earth too is aware of your sojourn,
In the deepest corner of my bosom,
As the season pass on,
The buried emotions roll on,
You crop up from the pages torn,
Again  I get infatuated  to the drizzle of  monsoon,
May be this is my hallucination,
Yet I imagine you in every string of my loom,
Weaving you  beautifully in one  by one pattern,
Every design of mine bears the story of summer noon,
And loudly speaking  of  our  lore ,
Now  your memories  are  creating uproar.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Messenger Stars

We see ourselves in the stars,
Count days and measure nights,
Because of rotation of the earth,
You get intoxicated with the blazing sun,
And I get swayed with the dazzling moon,
Both were our messengers of hearts,
With every sunrise you crop to my room,
To remind me about our fondness,
So also you feel the spark of tenderness from the calm moon,
Both the sun and the moon reside in sky,
Delivers the messages of warmth,
We ,though stay miles apart,
Yet observe the sky with equal anxiety and curiosity,
Wait for some moments of intimacy,
You long to touch the moon light,
While I love to play kite in the broad day light,
Each of us want to touch the heights,
Of empathy and devotion for each other,
By receiving and delivering messages through the stars.

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Gratification

I carry you in my bosom,
dare to cross every obstruction,
Not because you are my obsession,
But because of our harmonious relation,
Your mellifluous tone is audible to me in each rotation,
I indulge in fancy weaving stories in my imagination,
I travel thousand miles with no tension,
Except you and your thoughts occupying my deep emotion,
I bother not for tanning sunlight, thunderous cloud or dewy grass,
My only concern is my sweet destination,
So my heart leaps with new jubilation,
I secretly smile near mirror reflection,
I notice an unique demarcation,
Between my present and past after your intervention,
In my life ,which now is glorified ,
because of your presence in my jurisdiction,
This is my soul gratification.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Story of Lopamudra

To answer the queries,
I hallucinate many stories,
The question is very dreary,
What is the significance of your name sounds fairy,To my utter surprise ,
The history of sage Lopamudra carried tons of glory,
And I fantasise myself in this relevant story,
Because my Dad blessed my name associating, thy greatness
The brilliant beautiful Lopamudra,princess of Vidharva,
Married sage Agasthya ,that too an interesting allegory ,
Her creator himself took her out from palace to forest periphery,
Obediently she followed his hermitage route,
Dutifully she performed her duty,
Faithfully served as wife ,mother and philosopher to the society,
When Agasthya lost himself in austerity,
She wrote two stanza hymns for him, asking his attention and love with dexterity,
Rigveda bears a long conversation between sage Agasthya and Lopamudra,
Which reflects her character,great intelligence and astounding vision,
Surprises generations from rigvedic era to modern techno logic era,
Her influence is very well reflected in her poet son Drisashyu,
Lopamudra and Agasthya’s contribution to society LALITHA SAHASRANAMA,
Which is a thousand names to Divine Mother ,
Is remarkable and praise worthy to every generation.
I am thankful to be blessed with this name.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Promise me

Before leaving me near the shore,
Promise me dear,
You will be with me,
In my day and  in my dreams,
So that...
Your symphony I will hear in my beeps,
Your roses will always add gloss to my cheeks,
 my running blood vessels ,
Always will  carry  silhouette of thee ,hence,
  Every wave of mine  will not bother me,
Your reflection will encourage me,
 to face the hail storm,
Which I have to face,
After your partition from my shore,
If ever  my sparkles of love,
Will hunt you, torture you,
Promise me,
You will come to me ,
Because your colour will never fade in my ribs,
As you never parted from drips.

Lopamudra Mishra.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Standing near the shore
I witness the two lovers meeting,
The silver gleam of calm Moon,
Kissing the white foamy waves of the sea,
The night sky is the witness of such a beautiful ecstasy,
The elated seductive waves dancing in the breeze
The blue waves were euphoric ,by
Absorbing its radiance in thy bosom,
the sea is cheerful,
From the height the Moon is delightful ,
The voice of their heart is audible to every witness,
Those who are watching the engrossment scene,
Throughout the day both were eagerly waiting,
for some moments of paradise,
Now they are together till the new sun rise
This the eye witness realise..

Monday, 15 May 2017

Without You

Without you ,
My cuckoo ceases singing,
The rose of my garden is sinking,
My  river   stops flowing,
The colour of each day is blackening,
During the night I hear the Stars teasing,
What for am I suffering?
My answer to them is because of my love for you,
I am deteriorating,
My ink  is fading,
The  canvas of mine is filled with abstract designs,
Without you,
My poem is mourning,
Each and every syllables is saddening,
In my depress state I hear your voice echoing,
Form every corners of room, which is killing,
Without  you,
I sail in the storm,
I am just a sad  song.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mummy !
Why you keep quite about the things you like,
Always insists me to pursue my likes,
Why you were silent about your aching heels?
Always cry ,when I am in problem a bit,
Why Mum ,your smiles rests on me?
Though your tears are intolerable for me,
I saw your swollen feet in pain,
Still you hide it from me saying nothing happened,
You want me to achieve the crowning glory,
Least cared for your dream story,
For this your You maintain secret about your taste,
Yet very much aware what suits me the best,
I love seeing you smiling , but,
you work hard to keep me smiling,
Your words are strict and softer is the tone,
when you foresee my future will be in wrecks,
You caution me against odds,
Here your experienced eyes enacts the role,
Before me you know my state,
As if some telepathy works between two face,
There is no other substitute for the vast term MOTHER,
Because you the creator.So,
Mummy ! you are the best.........

Saturday, 13 May 2017

My Rapunzel

I find your traces among the dashing waves,
Which horizontally punch the rocky welt,
I see you smiling, among the dazzling stars,
Sweetly projecting your light on my face,
I dream you ,as my Rapunzel , your long log,
Fascinated me to fight every edge,
I discovered your foot prints in crowded hub,
clad in fashionable white gown with silken scarf,
I view your dance in snow,
Despite the frost toppling in the grass,
I weave thousand thoughts for you,
Place you as heroine of my heart,
Adore your every word,
Treasure you in my central part,
Hence never I ask the address of my Rapunzel,
She is queen of my heart

Friday, 12 May 2017

Waiting For Your Appearance

Its more than an year or so,
I never moved towards your row,
Never bothered to inhale  essence from crop,
Yet  I search  prints in the star clad sky,
 listen your music from the chirping spree,
During the time of slumber, you wink ,
I visualise your squint of eyes from the rink,
My core beeps for the memories that pinch,
Since then, every morning I ask the Sun,
Can I  ever touch the  tinge of crescent?
With lots of puzzle and number of questions,
My days roll on.....
Keeping you safely   in my basket of love,
I sketch, I run, I hop, I dance, I sing,
You reside in my thoughts,
Clad my dream to  pink,
Play in my words,
Sing in  my flute,
My verse carries your spark,
Despite of all this,
 I wait every day for your appearance.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Our Moon

Handsome Moon!,
You enchanted every dome,
Captivated every heart,
Erased gloom through your silent glance,
The silver sparks hobnob lovers heart,
Keeping you as a messenger they express their mood,
Intoxicating glimmer bind them to quaver,
In their beloved’s memoir,
Lovers sketch lines in their darling’s favour.
Romancing with your cool flicker,
They count hours ,minutes, seconds,
For some cherish moments to be closer,
Quietly you see ,silently you move,
Violently you knock our ribs,
Through your exhilarating current,
you are an enchanter to many poetic core,
Yet calm with your debonair.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Summer Days

Can winter replace spring?
Or summer replace Rain?
Every season is different,
For their essence and so magnetic is their presence
Summer is hot,Sweeter , the mellow fruit,
Enchanter the fragrant breeze,

Entraps us to inhale the aroma of summer seeds,
The sudden mizzle brought a little relief,
Yet the tap of heat is scorching,
I count the left over days in finger tips.
Rain dear ! come ,please come for some time!
with your drops which are very soothing,
It will solve water scarcity, because,
The trees are blessed with white flowers rally,
the red gulmohar dominates the streets ally,
The shade of red veil welcomes summer lovers ,
To sip the beauty of morning glory,
The glorious Sun smiles broadly ,
Whispers ,this days do have pleasurable seconds for memory.

Monday, 8 May 2017


My knight! You didn’t infatuate me ,
With your golden chariot,
Nor your dazzling sword fascinated me,
I don’t want your crown studded with precious gems
Never measured the area you own ,
I only desire to see my reflection in your eyes,
Yes, my vision is captured by your enticing presence,
Ringing bells inwardly, so heart and mind quell,
I long to hear my cynosure ‘s song,
Which is sweeter for me than Cuckoo’s song,
Then the air will count the syllables of fun,
My dreams focus you in centre,
This I want from you in return,
Because I am infatuated with your air,
Your horse tap is audible to me every where,
Heavenly breeze is very fair,
You in my poem is very clear.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sweet Dreams

I silenced my mind to hear my beep,
My lips waited for my heart to speak,
In this hustle bustle of daily life,
You came suddenly to clad my rhyme,
My verse enriched with sweet wine,
As you beguiled me with your smile,
You speak through your endearing eyes,
My heart beat stopped for a while,
I started wondering what happened to me?
Why the fresh blood surge to my cheeks?
Why my core skip my beat ,why I feel amiss?
Instead of all these, I now love my life,
My day dreaming is keeping me cheerful,
Perhaps this will be a new beginning,
Your entrance will enhance colour of my sweet dreams.

Friday, 5 May 2017

My journey

 My journey started  from the sea,
As a sailor,
The under current of blue waves lures me,
Every wave I cross in my path,
Preaches  me, teaches  me ,cautions me,
Then pampers me with its alluring touch,
I  started enjoying the intricacies of the Sea.

More and more dive I inside.
,more and more I  get addicted to the buried treasure,
That lie in    bottom of the rift.
The hidden treasure  is not measured or counted,
My spirit says ,it’s very difficult to reach to that impenetrable sight,
Which is safe guarded  by  the  horrendous   notion.

At other moment my daunting mind  asks,
To search for the porous gem ,that,
Lying dormant in between the curvaceous Sea,
Instead  of moving hither and thither,
I should focus my attention to  reach my destination.

Time and tide moves with its speed,
No one waits or retains even if they are free,
I  should take advantage of all thee,
Otherwise my riff will never hear the trumpet beat.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Our Meeting

We met not in clouds,
Not in sea, or adjoining  shore,
Neither in the melody of rain,
We met like two creatures of alien world,
You  are a over achiever and I am a lazy traveller,
The interests were not common,
Nor our passion come between this relation,
Some strange over reactions,
Some  exceptional predicaments,
Probably a string of attachments,
Probably a coir of  endearment,
May  be  a sentiment linked for our betterment,
We met ,
Never in crowd, never  under the rising Sun,
Or in the star clad sky,
Moon   never became our witness,
Yes! We meet in our dreams,
During night we weave phantom of thoughts,
That bustle  us with stint of  laughter.

Cheers us every moment with abundance pleasure.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Evening Hours

Often during evening ,
My heart longs for cuckoo ‘s melody in the morning,
The sweetness of its voice is enthralling,
Captivates every belongings,
Those who were in slumber,
The cuckoo ‘s voice were of no meaning,
They loose the charm ,which is very delighting,
The hot blooded supple youth forgets that autumn is demanding,
After the spring ,the winter will be happening,
If we waste our time in sleeping,
Then will we not miss the melody 

of cuckoo’s song from our surrounding?

Monday, 1 May 2017

O Poems' !

Poems! you come to  us,
like rain in hot summer,
You console  tender hearts,
With your sprinkles  of  emotions,
From spring to autumn,
Though your shower of words,
 belong to different circle,
Yet touch our core that purifies our apprehension,
We  fall in love with you,
 because we see nothing except your shade,
To hide behind the roof of  expression,
Releasing  our stress in this modern contradiction,
Your  solace to  the tormented  shore,
Capitulate  every  core to enjoy,
 the ripples of  various jurisdiction,
O dear poem !
Know not how you come ,
But your presence gives a gratifying result.