Monday, 8 May 2017


My knight! You didn’t infatuate me ,
With your golden chariot,
Nor your dazzling sword fascinated me,
I don’t want your crown studded with precious gems
Never measured the area you own ,
I only desire to see my reflection in your eyes,
Yes, my vision is captured by your enticing presence,
Ringing bells inwardly, so heart and mind quell,
I long to hear my cynosure ‘s song,
Which is sweeter for me than Cuckoo’s song,
Then the air will count the syllables of fun,
My dreams focus you in centre,
This I want from you in return,
Because I am infatuated with your air,
Your horse tap is audible to me every where,
Heavenly breeze is very fair,
You in my poem is very clear.

1 comment:

  1. Matured writing the whole poem,a splendid flow with perfection in this poem.I think this is the best poem ever from the great poetess.