Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Summer Days

Can winter replace spring?
Or summer replace Rain?
Every season is different,
For their essence and so magnetic is their presence
Summer is hot,Sweeter , the mellow fruit,
Enchanter the fragrant breeze,

Entraps us to inhale the aroma of summer seeds,
The sudden mizzle brought a little relief,
Yet the tap of heat is scorching,
I count the left over days in finger tips.
Rain dear ! come ,please come for some time!
with your drops which are very soothing,
It will solve water scarcity, because,
The trees are blessed with white flowers rally,
the red gulmohar dominates the streets ally,
The shade of red veil welcomes summer lovers ,
To sip the beauty of morning glory,
The glorious Sun smiles broadly ,
Whispers ,this days do have pleasurable seconds for memory.

1 comment:

  1. Different and nice, "Rain dear" sounds like a humble request of poetess in front of the rain to intercept the summer. Wonderful expression.