Friday, 12 May 2017

Waiting For Your Appearance

Its more than an year or so,
I never moved towards your row,
Never bothered to inhale  essence from crop,
Yet  I search  prints in the star clad sky,
 listen your music from the chirping spree,
During the time of slumber, you wink ,
I visualise your squint of eyes from the rink,
My core beeps for the memories that pinch,
Since then, every morning I ask the Sun,
Can I  ever touch the  tinge of crescent?
With lots of puzzle and number of questions,
My days roll on.....
Keeping you safely   in my basket of love,
I sketch, I run, I hop, I dance, I sing,
You reside in my thoughts,
Clad my dream to  pink,
Play in my words,
Sing in  my flute,
My verse carries your spark,
Despite of all this,
 I wait every day for your appearance.