Thursday, 29 June 2017

Missing You

While running on a the lanes of dark wood,
I search you among the shades of thick branches,
The dark cloud knows my state,
and laughs,
Tickles and drizzles with splendour,
Now my heart grows fonder ,
As you are not physically nearer,
I preserve your aroma in my chest,
Yes,its difficult but,
With this I feel best,
But when the moonlight knocks my nest,
I want you near ,sitting my next,
Desire to share with you all my blocked phase,
Because ,you are my only solace.
With you my evenings shine,
Morning to evening I wait for thine,
Get energy to climb mountain and weave rhyme,I smile and blush ,when are in my dreams,
Pampers me with your melodious voice,
In this fine moments,
I feel myself a super star like,
Some one special and your are my spine,
Now your absence is giving me pain,
Making me lonely in crowded lane.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

I and You

I and you,
Were  the beautiful  mess,
Two lunatics exiled in a cage,
Our boundaries exceed much beyond our range,
We smile in dark,
Skip fast in light,
Fly high ,high ,higher  than limitless sky,
Our bond so unique ,
Unlike the full moon light and unlike the Sun bright,
We love to sail in the Moon,
Never bother about the craters,We often get  amazed with our rafters,
Morning comes and so the night,
We float in each other sky,
Mostly in dreams,
The music of our heart ,
Is only audible to us,
Every ragas is conscious of our depth,
May be we know each other from our crest,
Our nest  fills with our jingle,
Yes ,we twinkle bright in zest,
You and I,
Are the  two amazing mess .

My Way

Every dawn I lose myself in cross way,
Then search my destination in my way,
The ways puzzle me with variation of rays,
Some shiny ,others  dark,
here the Sun rays stopped leaving its mark,
My tired eyes couldn’t measure the spark,
Hence I walk round the circle,
Tracing my footpath,
At first I stumble ,then   I rise to remain stable,
Walk carefully ,thinking  my limps are not so able,
Any bruises will make me crumble,
With each step I gather courage to speak out with fumble,
Slowly and steadily my goal is notable,
I count my foot prints now ,
how to reach my way with out much jumble,
Before the dusk, covering  the earth through its buckle.

Monday, 19 June 2017


O pink feather!,
You are light
Tender is your body,
You fly swift,
Among the dense clouds,
Unfathomable are the thick clouds,
The paths are winding,
The Weather is changing,
Carefully fly,
Beware of frivolous kites,
At times, The day is windy,
Your feathers are soft,
The storm may arise,
The dust may harm your frail body,
Ride dear, fly dear ,smoothly ,very gently,
The blue heaven is desirable,
Yet to reach your destination,
You move thinking twice,
Slowly the dark clouds will dare not come your way,
Feather ! you have to ride very high.

Two Strangers

Aimlessly I searched you,
Among the floating dark clouds,
Between the shadows of tall trees,
I tried to hear your voice from the hissing breeze,
Imagine to find your reflection in flowing stream,
I knocked, looked, searched for you,
In the foamy waves
In the flakes of snow,
Finally when I cracked the nutshell,
We met like two strangers,
As if you were never closer,
My pale cheeks and fast
heart rates tell , I am mistaken.
Because your lips didn’t quiver,
to utter a single word for me
The hot flashes of your eyes were missing,
Your winter chill ,cooled my furnace,
Yes, we are two birds of diverge routes,
I decided to free myself from your thought,
But ….but….
Your reflection I see in each of my dreams.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Their world

Sitting on a wooden bench,
I watch the world,
which comes to my range,
The world so different,
Engrossed and engaged in their worlds,
The world of earphones,laptops,palmtops,
And smartphones,
I wanted to interact
But could only hear my echoes,
I see the mass , smiling, giggling ,enjoying ,
The electronic gadgets blink and nod without annoying,
I enjoy the sound of insects, the fragrance of wet mud,
The licking of stray dogs,
The falling petals that veiled the roads,
I saw the line of ants ,
Crossing the route,
Engrossed and engaged in their coup,
I Couldn’t hear their rhyme,
,nor their laughter,
Guessed they were happy and contented without materialistic factor,
Their world is different from ours,
Yet beautiful…………
They interact and work ,without any help of electronics art.

Monday, 12 June 2017


I recognized your aroma,
Your breath,
Your clicks,
Your glittering eyes,
Your sensuous lips,
Your tender touch,
Your seductive curves,
Your vivacious grips,
Your dancing steps,
Your crazy symphony,
Your powerful presence,

Now the dark cloud is hovering again,
Rain today is pouring out its pain,

The fragrance of musk breeze now I search ,
But vain,
I hide my drops with thousand drops of rain.

Friday, 9 June 2017

I will write for you.

I will write for you
I will write.
Even if the earthquake comes,
To crumble my bridge,
Even if the dashing sea waves,
Crush my sand heaps,
I will paint you in my rainbow ink,
Every colour of my sketch,
Recognise your voice dabbed in it,
I preserve you , in my pocket,
Cuddle you in my chuckles
Nurture you carefully in my thoughts,
Play with your memory in my lonely hours,
My alphabets are conscious of your presence,
They change their font size according to race of my pulse,
My pulse rate sings your rhyme,
Your thoughts are enough to keep me fine,
I will write for you,
Even if you erase me from your thoughts.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Come Rain

Come rain,
My garden has lost its luster,
The leaves of my plants are losing their brightness,
The earth parched lips is waiting to soak the rain drops,
My castle is looking for the FIRST RAIN to kiss my floor,
With lot of expectations and lots of fairy dreams,
I look forward towards the dark vapor,

Which has conquered the crystal blue heaven,
The veil of clouds and the cool wind,
sings the arrival of monsoon’s swing,
Perhaps the sun is defeated in war field,
Summer is soon going to say us bye,
Rain god will dominate our sky,
But the rain is delaying its appearance.

Monday, 5 June 2017

With you

You and I,
Were the two birds flying in the sky,
You and I ,
Were the two missing brooks finally collide,
With you my hours fly,
I count not day ,
Only dream of sunrise and its glorious ray,
In the night ,I measure the distance of the moon, 
I smile with the twinkling stars,
Imagining we ,blazing among the few,
Our pulsation is detectable in the silence of the night,
Every second we look amused.
Every minutes we feel new,
Perhaps we love to reside ,
In the paradise of comradeship,
Our rapport is an unique bond,
Here we two were attached to soul,
We love not riding in horse,
Love playing with the brush,
We paint our portrait in the running stream,
I see you image in every leaf,
You visualize me in each of your dream,
With you, my days seems fresh,
With my smile you wink to my page.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bless Me

Earth to heaven :
O thy heaven!
Notice my tears,
Come closer to me,
See me in the grip of fear,
I am in pain, because,
Chapped is my lips,
Cracked is my heels,
Baked is my ribs,
Withered is my grip,
Drained is my energy,
Dehydrated is my body,
All I need is your bucket full of blessings,
An hourly meet of shower,
To get respite from this horrendous hour,
The sky is in grief,
Stagnant is the breeze,
Humid floor sweats profusely,
Demand to hydrate my soul,
The peacock is waiting to dance,
The dry river beds waiting to swirl,
O Dear heaven ! do a little favor,
Come as a rescuer,
Lose your grip,
Sprinkle your spring,
Bless me with your blissful pour,
I am waiting for the silver downpour.

Saturday, 3 June 2017


One direction changed my world,
One incident colored my wall,
One meeting intensified feeling to paint on plain canvas,
One song my lips hum, triggers my limbs to dance,
One droplet of rain on the mother earth, generates the aroma of musk breeze,
One season for peacock dance, swells all the tributaries ,
One second, thousand thoughts ,crops and vanishes,
One delay can be a punishment, lifelong,
One prompt action can save life,
One perfect friendship is equal to thousand courtship,
One harmony weaves many theories,
One verse infuriates the crowd,
One dialogue is equal to million words,
One book is like a guideline to fly in blue sky,
One and only one is significant for the melodious symphony,
One step forward solves the mystery,
One by one ,rediscovering the framed words,
I found thousands of meaning buried in “ one “.

Friday, 2 June 2017


I remember our dance under the moon beam,
Our feathers were never tired of touching the Sun gleam,
We use to rotate with the celestial bodies,
Carrying wings of emotions in each of our story,
Unlike a comet ,you dash to my earth,
I surrendered my beatings ,to get a glance of your spark,
Sun’s crimson ink changed our world pink,
Close conferences releases our blocked steam,
We see no one ,except hearing our own beeps,
The day you left for a different planet,
My blank eyes and dry socket,
Whimpers and sings your song,
I nurture you with utmost care in my bosom,
Will sing for you with utmost devotion.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Cherished Moon

The sky is cloudy,
Night is lengthy,
The moon is in disguise,
Playing hide and seek in the grumpy sky,
The Sea is anxious,
Curious are the blue waves,
Searching the cherished moon among the other glittering beds,
The frivolous heavenly bodies are sad,
The absence of the moon in the humid sky,
Deadening for the lovers,
Those who are waiting since long hours,
Always the moon shines from the top ,and,
The sea absorbs its ray with grace,
The vast oblivion and the vast sea,
Both love to stare ,love to share, yes they care,
The castle of emotion is in flare,
The Moon less earth is conscious of the turbulent sea,
Today hurt ,because their chances of meeting is faint,
Its sigh is reflected so fiery are the waves,
The uncontrollable waves crossing the border,
Diverting its attention to fool the observers.

Our Patnership

With you I float in cloud,
Make friends with glittering stars ,then shout,
The sky recognises our bond,
Greets us with thunder loud,
The lightening celebrates this occasion, 
It recites the symphony of our unique creation,
We are now friends with the glittering stars,
Our undertone is appreciable by all the heavenly bodies,
The crystal Moon grins, grants to our pledge,
To make night slight longer than the day,
The tint of sky changes its hue with passing hour,
Some times blue, some times red ,some times dark ,at times,
Play hide and seek with the ebb,
We live in dreams ,hums with the breeze,
Frame stories to brighten this friendship,
The Moon is the soul witness of this partnership.