Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bless Me

Earth to heaven :
O thy heaven!
Notice my tears,
Come closer to me,
See me in the grip of fear,
I am in pain, because,
Chapped is my lips,
Cracked is my heels,
Baked is my ribs,
Withered is my grip,
Drained is my energy,
Dehydrated is my body,
All I need is your bucket full of blessings,
An hourly meet of shower,
To get respite from this horrendous hour,
The sky is in grief,
Stagnant is the breeze,
Humid floor sweats profusely,
Demand to hydrate my soul,
The peacock is waiting to dance,
The dry river beds waiting to swirl,
O Dear heaven ! do a little favor,
Come as a rescuer,
Lose your grip,
Sprinkle your spring,
Bless me with your blissful pour,
I am waiting for the silver downpour.

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