Thursday, 22 June 2017

I and You

I and you,
Were  the beautiful  mess,
Two lunatics exiled in a cage,
Our boundaries exceed much beyond our range,
We smile in dark,
Skip fast in light,
Fly high ,high ,higher  than limitless sky,
Our bond so unique ,
Unlike the full moon light and unlike the Sun bright,
We love to sail in the Moon,
Never bother about the craters,We often get  amazed with our rafters,
Morning comes and so the night,
We float in each other sky,
Mostly in dreams,
The music of our heart ,
Is only audible to us,
Every ragas is conscious of our depth,
May be we know each other from our crest,
Our nest  fills with our jingle,
Yes ,we twinkle bright in zest,
You and I,
Are the  two amazing mess .