Thursday, 15 June 2017

Their world

Sitting on a wooden bench,
I watch the world,
which comes to my range,
The world so different,
Engrossed and engaged in their worlds,
The world of earphones,laptops,palmtops,
And smartphones,
I wanted to interact
But could only hear my echoes,
I see the mass , smiling, giggling ,enjoying ,
The electronic gadgets blink and nod without annoying,
I enjoy the sound of insects, the fragrance of wet mud,
The licking of stray dogs,
The falling petals that veiled the roads,
I saw the line of ants ,
Crossing the route,
Engrossed and engaged in their coup,
I Couldn’t hear their rhyme,
,nor their laughter,
Guessed they were happy and contented without materialistic factor,
Their world is different from ours,
Yet beautiful…………
They interact and work ,without any help of electronics art.

1 comment:

  1. True, a changed world,
    A changed priority,
    People's interest in artificiality,
    Away from truth n reality.