Monday, 19 June 2017

Two Strangers

Aimlessly I searched you,
Among the floating dark clouds,
Between the shadows of tall trees,
I tried to hear your voice from the hissing breeze,
Imagine to find your reflection in flowing stream,
I knocked, looked, searched for you,
In the foamy waves
In the flakes of snow,
Finally when I cracked the nutshell,
We met like two strangers,
As if you were never closer,
My pale cheeks and fast
heart rates tell , I am mistaken.
Because your lips didn’t quiver,
to utter a single word for me
The hot flashes of your eyes were missing,
Your winter chill ,cooled my furnace,
Yes, we are two birds of diverge routes,
I decided to free myself from your thought,
But ….but….
Your reflection I see in each of my dreams.

1 comment:

  1. "But ….but….
    Your reflection I see in each of my dreams." how sweet as ever respected Lopamudraji move on and on and on......