Monday, 5 June 2017

With you

You and I,
Were the two birds flying in the sky,
You and I ,
Were the two missing brooks finally collide,
With you my hours fly,
I count not day ,
Only dream of sunrise and its glorious ray,
In the night ,I measure the distance of the moon, 
I smile with the twinkling stars,
Imagining we ,blazing among the few,
Our pulsation is detectable in the silence of the night,
Every second we look amused.
Every minutes we feel new,
Perhaps we love to reside ,
In the paradise of comradeship,
Our rapport is an unique bond,
Here we two were attached to soul,
We love not riding in horse,
Love playing with the brush,
We paint our portrait in the running stream,
I see you image in every leaf,
You visualize me in each of your dream,
With you, my days seems fresh,
With my smile you wink to my page.