Sunday, 16 July 2017

Can't return back

I can’t return back,
Not to the roots,
Where I started my part,
Not to my empire,
Not to my princely crown,
As you captured my dome,
Through your amazing artifact,
I can’t return back to my nest,
As your entry disrupted my mental health,
I see your images in my wall,
Time to time ,more alluring,
More attracting than the previous one,
I shiver with your thoughts,
My lips quiver to utter your name,
My eyes search you in rain,
Your steps I hear ,your voice I hear,
From each dark corner my room,
My beats say , you are with me,
But eyes scornfully deny,
Mind says ,to ignore you and return to myself,
Sitting on the cliff ,my heart screams,
I can't....return back......

1 comment:

  1. Nice,this one. You return back to your rhythm. That is pleasant to see.