Friday, 28 July 2017

Mobile Number

Your number!       
Yes your number,
I remember even in my slumber,
Every moment ,perhaps in every phone call,
I eagerly see ,whether it’s you,
Or some other person,
Your voice spirits up my face,
My gloomed earth radiates after you come to surface,
I can’t say…
How much close you are to me,
If I don’t  share my details to you,
My heavy bosom yells,
The  crack of my heels shrieks your name,
Like a zombie ,I perform my ordeals,
Every evening when birds fly to their nest,
Fading Sun waits for Moon to ascend its place,
My fingers automatically moves to press your bell,
From my contact list details,
As soon as  I hear your voice,
I imagine  you and your state,
 My core  beats faster with  your modulation of voice,
If  you speak in  concealed tone ,
My heart cries,
 your soothing words  lights my cage,
You and your words are my wine,
Unlike an addiction,
The more I talk ,the more I am fine,
The moment,  you didn’t pick up my number,
I sink in your dreams,
Earth  seems colourless,
I am breathless,
Dials   your number again and again,
With an expectation,
That you will understand my poor state.

1 comment:

  1. Exciting poem, so nice depiction of his/her psyche.