Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Morning Time

Every Sun rise is a new day,
A new beginning with the shinning rays,
The birds sing ,buds bloom,
Butterfly jumps from one flower to another,
To suck the honey through its spoon,
I see children rush to their schools,
Busy mums standing in the bus row,
To say bye to their darlings for some hours,

Unlike the crowded school bus,
The bag maestro is contended for the prominence,
he is getting among the kids, and smiles with dominance,
Some people sipping hot beverage {tea} sharing their details,
Morning walkers look fresh after the jogging,
Late risers still sleeping ,
For them Sun settle in midst ,always bright,

Morning for house makers are a busy time,
Earning members set a routine to walk out in time,
Time runs fast
No one can catch it,

May he or she be of King class,
Nature is his master,
If morning runs smooth,
Night will automatically follow its route.