Saturday, 1 July 2017

One more day

Yes,one more day passed,
with out hearing you,
No messages from you,
Long became the hour,
Tortured I am,
For your sight,
I spend , walking in the terrace whole night,
I ignored the grin of the crystal moon,
I avoided the glittering spark of the stars,
My eyes were full of tears,
Mind and heart is filled with your memories,
Your words linger in my earlobes,
I form stories,I dream abstract,
The undaunted waves of my spirit,
Scroll to enliven the past,
The golden moments and your words ,
I cherish in my heart,
I link every images,
That brought us together,
And those are the cause of our part,
Yet in some hidden corner of myself,
I see a faint light ,
Waiting every day for you,
I laugh with my hidden tears,
I fly with my broken wings,
I jump with my bruises,
The cornea of my eye blinks,
Thousand times,displaying your image,
Often I console myself,
Divert myself,
But I flopped.

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