Thursday, 13 July 2017

Walking in the wood

I am in the wood,walking,
Among the thicket of pine trees,
Breath pure oxygen,
My image in the crystal clear stream,
Looks mesmerising ,yes more bewitching,
Its all because of the Sun’s radiant beam.
Following in each of my footsteps in the jungle,
I experience some glorious moments here,
Some time rain and other time hot weather,
Every time I feel, something is holding me to you,
I see you in night ,in broad daylight,
Pleasing is your rhyme,
The melody queen cuckoo sings thine lines,
My journey seems fine,
Holding you and visualising you,
Among the shades of green branches,
Now when your map sketched another landmass,
Still also I feel something is holding me to you,
The bond is beyond any meaning,
My heart carries ,mind accepts,
Hence In the wood ,I feel not lonely.
You are in my allegory,
Weather fairy or sad story.

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