Wednesday, 30 August 2017


You blocked me in messenger,
My world stopped flowering,
From my blurry vision I found myself drowning,
I started searching the root 
from where the journey bloomed to shoot,
My sincerity and honesty to become close,
Here lies the knot,
All my attempts are now to re-define this friendship,
Towards a bond which is unique and strong,
Each approach failed,
each time I feel neglected,
Every time I wanted to avoid you from my mind,
You crop up with your amazing smile,
More beautiful and more refine than the previous depiction,
I couldn’t pull myself out from this well,
Because your thoughts are shocking,
Distressing me with in,
I couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature,
Or enjoy the spice of food,
My earth centered on one orbit ,and I am unable to move,
Thousand time I want to express my words,
You avoid my glance ,you blocked your heart,
In state of depression my world is blocked.

1 comment:

  1. You are better poetess of positive feeling. Good write.