Thursday, 31 August 2017


The boy with a lot of presumption asked the girl,
“What do you feel, when you don’t see me?”
After a long pause ,the girl replied,
I never miss you, never feel sad when I don’t see you,
The boy became hurt,
his eyes moistened with her unexpected answer,
Her smile and her words are now so disappointing,
His mind started weaving uncanny questions,
Now the puzzling query regarding this relationship,
Is bringing tears to his bright eyes,
Washed his face, then wiped his face with the hanky,
Asked her again ,Whom I’m you to ?
She in a soft tone replied ,
You are my breath,
You are my soul,
You are in my beatings,
Your image is reflected in the mirror, when I see myself,
Hence I never dishearten ,when I don’t see you,
Its you in my wall page,
I see you and blush ,I see you and smile.