Thursday, 3 August 2017


Cautiously I step to the kingdom of bright stars,
I am careful of my ignorance,
Regarding  the path,
Of the vast sky,
Aimlessly I move, aimlessly I run,
Carefully pick up some stars to make myself compatible,
In this huge horizon,
As the time advances,
I walk confidently, smile broadly ,blush profusely,
I dance freely  among the dark clouds,
My chopped wings renew with new feathers,
My smiling braces indicates
My pleasure in adapting this place among the choices few,
Strangely I struck near the pregnant cloud,
How and when?
Is  a mystery for me till now,
I  gather some water from its storehouse,
Want to quench my thirst and walkout,
But I forget my route,
Wander hither and thither ,
Find myself walking alone and sad among the bright stars,
The hazy vision of mine centre on a particular view,
It’s thought encourage me to pen few,
My ink dried when I lost this familiar road,
I sigh, I whimper, yet never stop,
Rather I decided to absorb its brightness in my canvas,
Every day I paint sketches remembering the golden hours,
With at most care and affection,
Dreaming one day I will see the pole star in my rear view,
One day the star will wink to my pages,
Will glance to my sketches,
Will see my deep patches,
Will erase the ugly scratches,
Expectantly I advance.

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