Friday, 4 August 2017

Pick Up My Call

Pick up the call ,my dear,
My beats and mind running in great speed,
My vision glued to the screen,
Shivering hands are pressing the buttons to hear your click,
But you are not picking up mine,
Thousands of thoughts crippling my brain,
The dominance of evil thoughts supremely reign,
First, I hate you for not attending the call,
Secondly I feel you ignoring my predictable call,
Thirdly I console my wounded heart,
Assuming you are busy ,so unable to hear my tap,

All my organs first act,
When the ring is not attended then react,
I apply balm to soothe my infuriated spark,
I never count the strings of watch,
Never look back to the tense past,
Except you,
Never accept soft glance,
To convince this to you is a herculean task,
O my stubborn dear!
You know me very well,
For God shake “pick up my heart”
Your sweet voice will cool down my lane.
My fingers are pressing the phone bell,
Pick up now ,for my sake……

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